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How To Pick The Right Baby Monitor?

How To Pick The Right Baby Monitor?

It is believed that parents are looking out for their children, and babies in particular have a lot of concerns. And a baby monitor can be a great help to most parents, and this article will also tell you how to pick the features of the monitor.

Indicators For Choosing A Baby Monitor

Adjustable Frequency Of The Transmitted Signal

Since the monitoring end of the electronic monitor transmits the acquired sounds and images to the control end through wireless signals, if the frequency is not properly selected, it will cause electromagnetic interference with other electronic products or household appliances, which will result in the monitor not working properly. Worse still, if the monitor does not work properly and the parents do not know it in time, it is very unfavourable for monitoring the baby’s situation, and even in serious cases, no one will know when the baby has an accident. Therefore, the monitor should have a function that can adjust the frequency of the signal.

Adjustable Volume

A good monitor should have the function of adjustable sound volume, usually installing sound buttons or knobs at the monitoring end. If you are in a noisy environment, you can turn up the volume to make it easier to hear your baby so that other noises don’t drown out the baby’s voice. If you are in a quiet environment, you can turn down the volume to prevent the louder sounds from affecting others.

VOX Features

The full name of VOX is Voice Activated System, which means that the monitor’s screen and speakers do not work under normal circumstances, i.e., they are in standby mode, which reduces power consumption. Parents can set a sound range first, and once the sound made by the baby exceeds this standard, the alarm light or screen will light up immediately, and the received image and sound will be played at the same time.

Digital And Analogue Signals

There are three advantages to having a monitor with this capability. One is that a monitor with this performance transmits signals better and has a clearer picture and sound. Secondly, an encrypted digital signal protects the privacy of the home and prevents malicious decryption. Finally, compared to analogue signals, digital signals have a low interference effect and will not easily affect the normal operation of other devices. And it is also useful to expand the monitoring terminal, that is, multiple monitoring terminals are controlled by a single console, which not only saves money, but also reduces the trouble caused by carrying multiple consoles.

Temperature Display

Monitors with this feature can set a suitable temperature range. Once the temperature exceeds or falls below this range, an alarm will sound to remind parents to adjust the temperature to give their children a comfortable environment, which is a very thoughtful feature for newborns or sick children who are sensitive to temperature. And it’s even better if there is an intercom function, meaning that parents can talk to their babies directly through the monitor system. When parents are not with their baby, the baby’s mood may be affected, and the intercom function can be useful at this time, allowing them to talk directly, which helps to calm the baby’s mood.

How To Pick The Right Baby Monitor?

In addition to this, this baby monitor has 720p HD resolution, a night vision feature and two-way audio communication so that parents can see their baby and the whole room clearly and also talk to their baby freely. In addition, these video baby monitors also come with a lullaby player that allows parents to play soothing melodies to help their child fall asleep. And theoretically, the wider and more flexible the signal range of the monitor, the more convenience it can provide to parents. Currently, some monitors already allow parents to make short walks.


All of the above features are good for parents to observe the growing moments of their babies conveniently and effectively, so you can pick a monitor equipped with the above features according to your needs and preferences.

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