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How to Pick A Lock with Lishi Lock Pick Tool

Lishi Lock Pick Tool

When it comes to Lishi Lock Pick tool, people who are familiar with lock pick tools have known a lot about them. Lishi pick and decoder tools are especially designed to pick home or vehicles locks. There are over 100 various Lishi picks for people to select on the market, each one is specially designed to fit for the different makes and models of vehicle. 

Lishi lock pick has two main functions: you can not only use this tool to pick the lock, but also decode locks according to the depths of disc or wafer locks in the sequence of the lock, which will make you create a new key to the lock without dismantling the lock. 

How Do Lishi Lock Pick and Decoder Work?

When you decide to pick the car locks, you will find that car locks have different profiles of the keyway between door locks and ignition locks. Or the shape of the keyway is different according to various makes and models, even the original date of registration.

As you insert the right pick into the correct lock, you will feel that you are going to lift a turning tension on the lock. You can keep turning a key in the lock. Then, you can try to lift up or down the arms of the lishi lock pick tools to insert in the wafer or disc locks. After that, the lock can be opened. 

How to Pick a Lock With Lishi Lock Pick Tool

  • Find the right pick according to your locks

When you are going to pick locks, you had better know the type of Locks in advance, which will help you select the right Lishi Lock Pick Tool. Once you have got the correct  tool, it is time to learn how to pick locks. 

  • Insert Lishi Lock Pick Tool into the Lock and Push Tension on the tool

When you insert the Lishi lock pick into the lock, you need pay attention the the tension you push on this tool. You need adhere the tension that you use a real key to pick a car door in daily life. Controlling the levels of tension is the key to pick a lock with Lishi Lock Pick tool. So, you need to practice more and find the rules that how much tension you need. 

  • Pay Attention to the Solid Numbers and Ignore the Springy Numbers

When you push tension on Lishi Lock Pick in different directions, you can lift up one of the arms of the Lishi lock pick tool and begin to feel each number. As you feel that it is springy on the arms, you ignore it. As you feel that it is solid on the arms, you can quietly lift up or down on the number which you have made sure that it is solid. At the same time, there is a tiny fraction in the plug of the lock. You need focus on pushing the arms. Then, all you need do is keeping lifting up the arms in the lock according to the solid numbers you have addressed. As you press all the solid numbers in the end, you will find that this lock has been picked well.

Lishi Auto Pick Tool is made of good materials and can be used to lockpick various car doors. If you are still looking for the right Lishi Lock pick, you can go to to select ones in the cheapest prices. It offers various different types of Lishi tools for customers. 

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