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How to Perform Content Analysis?

Content Marketing Analysis

Developing a product or service is your specialty. Supervising your employees is your expertise. But performing content analysis may not be your passion. It is all right! You are human, after all. Of course, you are zealous to go out of your comfort zone and learn something new. So, take the challenge of understanding how to perform your content analysis like a pro. Take note of the following steps to make the process trouble-free and convenient. 

Prepare Your Data 

While multiple factors run in your mind, start from preparing your existing data. You have to record and examine everything you published on your website. It requires a lot of time and patience. For a smooth process, make sure to use a spreadsheet. Arrange every element on your website. Create a different column for infographics, audio, links, photos, videos, and other elements for organization, easy identification, and accuracy. Whether you operate a small or large website, prepare all available data ahead of time to avoid any conflict. You can also assign the job to a group of people. Remember that nothing is impossible when you work as a team. Tell them to get it done properly to avoid discrepancy. They do not need to rush. 

Study and Analyze Content

After filling in the details in your spreadsheet, your job does not stop there. It is time to examine your content strategies, which are more technical and daunting than you have thought. Your main goal here is to find any errors in your website. 

If it is your first time analyzing content, you are probably afraid and confused. You do not have to feel that way. There are different and effective methods you can use. Spending time to interview your customers is a clever idea. 

How to Interview Your Clients? 

You have a lot of customers, and you cannot interview them all. We recommend you decide who to talk to for your content analysis. 

If you experience a hard time choosing the ones you will speak with, direct your attention to those who have been your loyal customers for a long time. You can also ask your team for their suggestions and feedback. 

Once you have created a list, think about how you will reach them. Holding phone interviews is a go-to solution you cannot afford to ignore. 

It is not only competitively priced but also time-efficient. You do not need to invest in other resources, which is a perfect option for those on a tight budget. 

Now, what type of questions to ask? Since it is a content analysis, avoid questions that only require a yes or no answer. It is best to construct open-ended questions. Here are some excellent examples: 

–What are your thoughts on this specific article? 

–If you could change something in this article, what would you like to add and modify? 

–What kind of content would your close friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues read? 

–What encourages you to view this blog? 

You can also think of other possible questions. The more, the merrier. But consider the availability of your customer as well. 

Examine Data Internally 

Another method of content analysis is to examine information internally, and you need to interview your employees. However, they may be ashamed to criticize their colleagues’ works, which can delay the process. 

The trick here is to reach out to employees in other departments. But choose those who are well-accustomed to your company’s marketing objectives to obtain accurate information. That way, they will not be embarrassed to give their comments on every available article. 

Leave it to the Right Specialist

If it is not possible to interview your customers or examine your data internally, your last resort is to leave the job to an expert. While it requires an extra cost, outsourcing content analysis to the professional is worth the investment. 

An experienced company is backed by a certified and capable team that will deal with your content analysis without taking any shortcuts. You can be confident that every important aspect of the project is taken into account. You can also expect quality and accurate results that are available at a competitive rate. 

If you have been searching for the right specialist without a good outcome, your long search is over with Chartbeat. It is a platform that provides real-time, precise, and consistent analytics to understand and engage your target audience. If you have questions about integrating Chartbeat into your business operation, feel free to visit the site for further details. You can enjoy fantastic customer support at the end of the day. 

Types of Metrics to Measure 

Some of the common metrics you have to measure are highlighted below: 


One of the metrics to focus on is your sale, and you should concentrate on your conversion rate. Find out how many leads you obtain or convert into a high-paying client. That’s it! It is easy, isn’t it? 

–Brand Awareness

Today’s competition is tougher than ever before. For new businesses, it is challenging to get your brand noticed by your target market. But there is a worse case than that. Retaining interest from your clients is much more complicated than you imagine. 

To discover how far your brand reaches in the market, below are some effective metrics you should try or consider: 

How many people have noticed and recognized your content? 

How many of these web visitors were new to your site? 

–Cultivating Leads

What does any marketing strategy usually revolve around? It is usually around lead generation. Once your website generates traffic, you can acquire leads and sales over time. If you have recently launched your content and want to determine how many leads it generates, here are a few metrics to think about: 

How many percent of leads grow into your sales?

How many repeat clients do you have at the moment? 


It is true that getting people to your web page is hard. But getting them to engage in your content for a long time is more stressful. If you exert effort to provide something that resonates with your target market’s pain points, it will be easy to obtain loyal and repeat customers. 

We hope this guide helps you! Enjoy! 

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