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How to Perfect Your Billboard Poster Ads

While billboards are still considered premium advertising space, they do not have the same kind of impact that they did thirty years ago.

These days, many more people are tuning into their smartphones and radios rather than billboards while driving.

As a result, drivers are much more distracted, and it has become increasingly difficult to capture their attention.

That said, billboards are still everywhere – as they should be. They still do manage to get the message out, and whether people pay attention to them or not, they are still a powerful way to brand an idea or product.

According to statistics, in 2018, out-of-home (OOH) advertising, of which billboards are a significant part, posted 35 quarters of growth.

Among the companies leading this growth are tech companies – notable names such as Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. Their involvement suggests that outdoor advertising is getting increasingly competitive even as we increasingly move toward a greater digital age.

And so, if you are interested in learning about How to Perfect Your Billboard Poster Ads, and how to get those results that you are looking for, here are several ways to maximize that effort.

Consider Logo Size

The first thing to consider is the logo size being used. Oftentimes, client feedback in advertising dictates that one of the key improvements should be to “make the logo bigger.”

The reason for this is because the client is paying a lot of money to advertise their brand, and logically, they will want their logo to be clear and visible in order that consumers have their brand planted firmly in their heads.

Seven Words or Less

Experts also suggest that when making a billboard, it is best to make a message that sticks, especially given that people are often in transit when reading it and do not often have a lot of time to spend on a significant number of words. Professionals suggest that you should therefore be able to convey your message in seven words or less.

Get Noticed Without Distraction

Given that billboards are usually aimed at drivers, bikers, cyclists, or pedestrians – that is, those who are in motion – this creates an unusual conundrum for the advertiser.

That is, while you want your message to get noticed, you also don’t want to distract those who are on the move and lead to more dangerous outcomes such as accidents.

Experts suggest that when making your ad consider that while you do want to get noticed, you don’t want to be responsible for putting readers in danger.

Don’t Over Explain

When putting together your ad, while you don’t want it to be too simplistic, you also don’t want to over-explain your idea. It also does not have to be a simple and large print ad.

Consider using other elements such as 3D, animation, moving parts, or having people interacting with it. This will help you make an eye-catching and memorable visual for viewers to see.

Don’t Be Too Clever

Another important strategy is to make a billboard that is smart, will grab attention and leave a lasting impression, and isn’t boring but isn’t too clever as this information just might get lost on the audience.

The messages on billboards have to be received quickly – this means that you don’t want people scratching their heads while trying to figure out the message that is being captured on your billboard.

This means that veering away from dense visual imagery or complex metaphors is a good idea. Instead, opt for messages that are simpler and that audiences can easily comprehend so that they can more easily connect with the brand.

Add More if it Makes Sense

Given that billboards are not cheap, you will have to be thoughtful about what information is conveyed on them.

Regardless of the billboard, each has a rating – that is, something that is known as Gross Ratings Points (GRP).

This number is heavily based on the traffic around your billboard, its visibility and location, and its relative size.

This score is a number between 1 and 100. For example, if your billboard is given a score of 50, this means that it is likely the case that at least 50% of the surrounding population would see one of your boards at least once a day.

And so, if we do the math, this also means that if you only have one board up, the chances of your board having an impact is less than if you have four or five.

The Arm’s Length Test

Finally, if you are looking into how to perfect your billboard poster ads, you want to do something called the arm’s length test so that you ensure that you are not wasting time and money of everyone involved.

To do so, we recommend first printing out your billboard to the size of a business card and holding it at arm’s length.

Then ask yourself: are you still seeing and comprehending all the information contained on that mini version as you would if it were projected and displayed on a 27-inch monitor?

If so, great! However, if the answer is no, then we recommend going back to the drawing board. As always, you need to remember that with any billboard, you only have 10 seconds to get your message across – and having something completely visible and clear is of utmost importance.

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