Equity Crowdfunding

How to Pay When Investing in Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

Investing in Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

Equity crowdfunding platforms have become ideal for raising capital for your business. Not only does it make raising capital more efficient through conventional resources, but it rewards customers for buying into the success. It also assures exposure to the business by boosting PR and marketing. 

While the popularity of equity crowdfunding platforms is real, the people who indulge in it often wonder about the payment methods when investing in the same. Here are the most common ones of all: 

Why is Crowdfunding Better than Traditional Investment Methods?

Crowdfunding is better than traditional payment methods as it ensures better accessibility and lower capital requirements. Not just that, crowdfunding platforms provide the option to diversify. Many platforms enable investors to invest in properties in different locations. 

This eventually helps to provide exciting offers and brand-new opportunities for capital gains. Another reason why you should go for crowdfunding investment is its speed and efficiency. Some areas, like real estate investment, require a lot of money and paperwork. Crowdfunding, in such cases, can reduce the long time frame and ensure everything is quick and easy. 

Crowdfunding Payment Methods to Try

When it comes to Crowdfunding, there are several payment methods to try. This includes:

Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is an electronic payment method that allows the transfer of money. It is fast, secure, and is often called a bank transfer. In wire transfer, you can transfer money from one to another. This is quite useful as whether you stay in the same country or not, the mode ensures your money is sent in a hassle-free manner. 

To make a wire transfer, you can ask your banking institution to send the money amount to the recipient. Before the transaction is initiated, the money should be deposited along with the transaction fees (determined by the bank itself). As soon as the funds get cleared, the receiver’s banks get the message for payment execution, and the payment is received (may require several days). 

Credit Card

Credit cards have become a popular payment option in the leading equity crowdfunding platforms. It works similarly to how you use credit cards for other purposes. The credit details are transferred to the merchant’s bank when you use credit cards. 

When using your credit card for payments, stay smart and pay off your balance every month. Never skip a payment and use the cards for needs and not wants. 

Crypto Credit Card

You can also go for options like crypto debit and crypto credit cards as a payment mode for investing in equity crowdfunding platforms. The concept is an incentive-style payment method where cryptocurrencies are given as rewards. It’s similar to what happens in traditional credit cards, the only difference is the crypto-rewards. 

The best thing about using crypto credits is that rewards are tempting. It is certainly beyond the ones that you get from casual credit cards. If you are not into crypto credits, you can also use crypto debits that work as a digital payment tool for making payments to services. It’s an online payment system that helps users with transactions, payment acceptance, and related requirements. 


Another way to pay when investing in equity crowdfunding platforms is through popular online payment systems like Paypal.

PayPal is an online payment system that allows users to pay for transactions, accept payments when selling items or services and send money to friends and family. PayPal has security features in place, including encryption and purchase protection, to safeguard your money and data.

One of the best things about transactions with PayPal is its security features. The encryption and purchase protection ensure that both your money and data are safe. So, regardless of the situation, it’s unlikely that you will face any breach with such modes.

Direct Crypto

Lastly, you can also complete the transaction for equity crowdfunding platforms through direct crypto. The concept for the process is simple. In this mode, there is no room for third parties like banks or other transfer services. Rather, it’s more of a peer-to-peer transfer where the money is transferred without any intermediaries. 

Hopefully, now you know how to pay when investing in equity crowdfunding platforms. Make sure to choose the preferred platform at your convenience and move forward with the same. 

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