How to pause piso wifi in 2023?


WiFi has become a mandate for every individual these days. Without it, we all are helpless as we could not accommodate any of the requirements. That is right from your entertainment to the necessity everything can be accommodated with the internet.

Hence, it has been said that Wi-Fi is a necessity to survive in this digital world. However the manner it can work easily with the help of the desired access, it on the other hand can be a pause as well.

Therefore if you are looking to know how to pause wifi then here you will get all of the necessary information.

Is it possible to pause Wi-Fi?

Many individuals do ask the same question whether how to pause wifi or not. But if you go technically then no matter which router you own, anyone can easily pause piso wifi by simply shutting off the router or either disabling the Wi-Fi from the device.

These are the two simple basic steps that an individual performs.

In simple words, if we could explain you then it can be done through the web interface or with the app provided by your router manufacturer.

Hence the necessary steps that come along with a way to pause Wi-Fi are between the router and models. Perhaps many apps can also assist you to pause Wi-Fi easily. Hence below mentioned are some of those to accommodate you with the requirement.

Assistance with Google Wi-Fi

You can easily use the Google home app wherein you can pause the Wi-Fi network.

Now the next step is to select the Wi-Fi from the first tab of the app

Once done you can now pause the connection from the individual device. Press the pause button available on the top of the app and then your connection will be stopped.

Linksys app

The next app that could easily help you to pause your Wi-Fi connection is to make use of the Linksys app. All you need is to log in through your router’s IP address. You can later see that the Wi-Fi pausing is available through parental control.

Now here you need to follow some basic steps mentioned below

Upon downloading the app you can easily reach the parental control on the dashboard screen. However, in the case of iOS, the option is in the menu at the top. This means you can try scrolling to the bottom of the screen.

But in case the parental control has not been set up then you need to tap the control device

Now choose the device whose Wi-Fi needs to be paused

Next is to tap on the pause internet.

By following all of the necessary steps your Wi-Fi connection will be stopped.


There might be a case where you need to pause your Wi-Fi connection but you do not know the right approach. Hence the above simple steps will help you to reach your desired requirements easily. In this manner, you can pause your Wi-Fi connection easily.


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