How to participate in CryptoHawk ICO

The first step to partake in HAWK ICO is to obtain Bitcoins or Ether.

You can obtain bitcoins or ether through online exchanges like Bitstamp and coinbase. You need to register an account with crypto hawk exchange and then transfer money from your bank account to the exchange.

Create a blockchain wallet: You need a cryptocurrency wallet to be able to have control your funds. A wallet allows you to send and receive coins from the exchanges. After you purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat currency. Transfer the cryptocurrencies to your secured user wallet like Myetherwallet. There are many wallets that you can choose from depending on your needs. They are online wallets, Desktop wallet, Paper wallets and Hardware wallet.

Note that some exchanges do not allow you to send coins to an ICO address, if you attempt to do so, the coins will end up on the exchange. It is also advisable to keep your cryptocurrencies safe as they are vulnerable to hacking.

Participate in Crypto Hawk ICO: After sending your cryptocurrencies from the exchange to crypto hawk ICO address, it is essential to read the guidelines required to partake in the token sale. Follow the crypto hawk on social media channels to remain informed and updated.

You will receive your tokens after the end of the token sale

You may also have to wait for a couple of days to manually redeem your token.

Secure your tokens: The last step to take after receiving your tokens is to secure it. You can secure your tokens with a cold storage wallet. The last thing that you want to happen is to lose you tokens due to problems arising from the servers.

Tokens are used by companies to raise money for their ICO. The tokens can be sold or bought from another exchange. The Tokens are responsible for funding the project. The final goal of the individuals that purchase these tokens is to use them to exchange items. There are various models taken to increase the value of each token. Generally, the price of each token continues to grow as the demand for the token increases. Besides, there is also a limited number of tokens.

So, to partake in a Crypto hawk ICO. You need to set up an Ethereum wallet. There are many apps for setting up cryptocurrency wallet, but not many of them support ERC20 tokens. You can search and download Myetherwallet or Ethereum Mist Wallet.

After that, you need to purchase your first Ether. Many exchanges allow you to purchase Ether like Bittrex, Bitfinex, and Kraken. Some exchanges allow you to trade fiat currency for Ethereum while other exchanges allow you to exchange another cryptocurrency for Ether.

The last step is to send the ETH to the crypto hawk ICO. Once you have a wallet with cryptocurrency, you are ready to partake in the ICO. Visit the website for details

The financing of the Crypto hawk project will be done via a crowded sale. The minimum funding requirements are 500,000 USD. Moreover, the ideal funding amount is 6 million. This would make it possible to implement the project at a fast pace.

Visit CryptoHawk for more information:

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