How To Operate A Successful Local Car Wash – An Interview With Top Gear Car Wash

How To Operate a Successful Local Car Wash - an Interview with Top Gear Car Wash

Recently, we sat down with Top Gear Car Wash, one of the best-rated car wash serving Calgary Alberta’s northeast and northwest communities. Besides providing automatic car wash and self-serve car washes, Top Gear also offers detailing, power polishing, interior cleaning, and paint protection as a full-service car wash. They have a knowledgeable team and use industry-leading, environmentally friendly chemical products and top-of-the-line equipment at their car wash facility.

What Makes Your Car Wash Different From Others?

What sets Top Gear Car Wash apart from other car washes is a full-service car wash. Our facility consists of 13 spacious self-service coin wash bays. Each bay features 14 different cleaning options covering the three major categories – the interior of the car, exterior of the vehicle, and after shine once the car is cleaned. Along with the 13 self-serve bays, we also have an automatic touchless car wash bay. Of course, our team can also provide full-service interior and exterior car cleaning and detailing services, but we don’t stop there. We also offer our clients paint restoration, power polishing, and ceramic coating.

How can you convince people to select your car wash service instead of a DIY car wash at home?

People see Do It Yourself (DIY) car wash as a money saver. Another advantage of DIY cleaning is paying the time and attention you deserve for your car. This allows for higher-quality cleaning. On the other hand, most car owners do not realize that the tools and soap needed to wash their car cost about the same as driving over to a self-service car wash and wand wash available at our facility at a reasonable price. Our self-serve wand wash, soap, and high-pressure spray machines can adequately remove dirt and debris from the gap. Also, it takes much less time to go through a quick drive-through for a car wash than to stand and scrub in the driveway all afternoon, especially if you are busy. You can have your car clean and be on your way within minutes.

How do you see the car wash industry changing in the coming years?

Believe it or not, I already see this industry-changing rapidly. I’ll tell you we are probably the first, if not one of the first few car washes with our mobile app. Our app allows users to add money/currency to their wallets to purchase washes. We also have car wash memberships ranging from once-a-week wash to unlimited car washes a month. Our app is easy to install or download from the Apple IOS iTunes app store on the Android play store. Then the app users and pass holders can scan the QR code before entering the touchless automatic wash tunnel or at one of the many self-serve bays, select the type of wash, and that’s it.

What makes a car wash successful?

Well, without giving away too many of our secrets, we would start by buying the right equipment. We are not saying to buy the most expensive equipment on the market. It just needs to have industry-leading technology. Next, we would make sure to provide every client who enters the premises good customer service and all the services at an affordable price. Using environmentally safe, clean, and friendly products is also essential.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to a young entrepreneur?

The most crucial ingredient for any entrepreneur is not to chase money but to follow their passion. Figure out what you are good at, and learn how to market your abilities to turn your passion into a fruitful business. Never start a business with the sole intention of making money. Many successful companies don’t begin profitably. So don’t get discouraged; stay the course, maintain good business practices, be exceptional in customer service, and you will start to build a loyal customer base.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I would say that these days, there are many options to find a car wash facility, such as the local businesses, regional chains, national chains, and North American chain car washes. So please support your local neighborhood business owner instead of chains. Whether it is a car wash we are talking about, a pizza store, fast food restaurant, or a flower shop. Supporting local businesses helps your local communities thrive. Besides that, you know that Top Gear is a full-service car wash, so we hope that you will come and see us soon.

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