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How to Manage Your Wedding Budget

Planning for your wedding is a moment of a lifetime. You won’t want any stones unturned while preparing for the grand event. 

However, while getting the picture-perfect setting might be tempting, no planning is complete without mentioning your ‘budget.’ No matter how grand or minimalist you want your arrangements, you must stick to a specified budget. 

While it seems scary, having your budget in mind will help pin down the level of grandness and even settle with a style. 

Using this guide, we give you an insight into how you can get the best wedding planning while keeping in mind your dedicated budget. Let’s get started. But before that, let’s have an idea of some basics of the process. 

Tips To Get Started With Your Wedding Planning

Start With A List Of Must Have

Write out some non-negotiables before getting into the figures so you can include them in your wedding budget.

Do you require on-site lodging for out-of-state families? Have you ever wanted to dance to a live band? 

This activity will assist you in setting priorities for your budget and offer you a resource to turn to when making complicated financial decisions.

Research The Wedding Venues

The venue you select will significantly impact the remaining planning and financial aspects. Numerous locations provide pre-priced, all-inclusive packages that include catering, decorations, and even a wedding coordinator

They look for price information on their websites to see what local venues charge. Read our post on expenses to consider while organizing an outdoor wedding if you’re thinking about having one.

Consider You & Your Fiance’s Total Income

Planning for a wedding isn’t as easy as checking your bank account! If possible, you and your partner should each have three months’ worth of living costs saved up in case of a health emergency or job loss (separate from retirement funds). 

Remember, when planning for a grand wedding, you might deduct that cash toward wedding expenses from the total amount in your bank account. Adding to it, after you’ve paid off any outstanding bills, such as school loans, save away up to 10% of your monthly income.

Stay On Track With Your Expenses

Making a budget for your wedding and monitoring it using a spreadsheet is one thing, but remaining on track may take time and effort, especially now that wedding-related adverts are flooding your Instagram! Setting priorities is essential. 

For instance, if you love lilies or orchids and want them for your wedding, prioritize them in terms of spending. It will help if you save in areas where you don’t care as much (e.g., photoshoots or transportation).

Besides, now that you have an idea of the different tips you could keep in mind, let’s look at some great takeaways to stick to your budget.

Factors To Help You Stick To Your Wedding Budget

A gorgeous low-cost wedding may be simpler to pull off than you imagine. Plenty of potential cost-saving changes and cutbacks can help you keep up with an average wedding budget. 

Let’s get creative as we look for some smart, innovative ideas to cut down on your budget. 

Don’t Marry In Peak Season: Summer and early fall are the two times when the wedding and catering industry is at its peak. However, if your partner is flexible with the wedding date, try switching to a pleasant spring or winter wedding.

Don’t Overdo On Flowery Arrangements: Having a picture-perfect wedding venue with tons of flowers is the dream for many. However, opting for flowers might add hundreds of dollars to your cost. This is where other cheaper alternatives like foliage could also set the mood. Look at DIY choices like grocery shops, farmers markets, or nearby farms with you-pick wildflowers as alternatives to green plants.

Negotiate With Your Vendors: Many goods and service providers in the wedding sector are flexible with their budgets. Therefore, when approaching them, you have a better chance of negotiation, just like with other sales contracts. Remember, if you can negotiate successfully, you might save money by negotiating prices with venues and vendors in various ways.

Put Your Cryptos To Use For Wedding Gifts:

Wedding return gifts are a must-have! Of course, you can’t imagine a wedding without those colorful and quirky invitation cards or the food baskets that get along. However, no matter how pleasant, we can’t overlook the high costs it can add to your overall budget.

But did you know that you could use your crypto savings to save on such overhead expenses?

With platforms like Coingate, you can now buy wedding gift cards using your crypto tokens. In addition, the platform allows you to purchase from numerous brands for your grand day. This way, you could save while you shop. Or you could also use these gift cards for gifting purposes. 

Save Smartly On Your Grand Day!

Creating, managing, and executing your wedding budget requires the right planning and saving. Remember, with the right saving tips and reliable methods; you could be living your dream wedding without compromising on the budget. All the best!

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