How to Make Your Mouse Click Automatically in Windows 10 

Do you keep hitting the same buttons on your Windows 10 PC? It might be somewhat unpleasant, but there is a solution to automate your mouse clicks and save yourself some time.

Simply download an auto clicker program, install it, and build a macro. A macro is a sequence of mouse clicks and keyboard movements that you may record and play again later.

Once you’ve recorded your macro, simply press the play button, and the program will do the mouse clicks and keyboard commands for you.

This approach may be used to automate any process that requires you to perform the same mouse clicks and keyboard inputs repeatedly.

Why Automate Mouse Clicks?

Before we get into the “how,” we need to grasp the “why.” Automating mouse clicks may be quite beneficial in a variety of contexts, including:

Repetitive Tasks: If you conduct the same tasks repeatedly, automating them can decrease the chance of human mistakes and save time.

Gaming: Auto-clickers can be used in games for repeated tasks such as harvesting resources or leveling up characters.

Accessibility: For people with physical limitations or poor dexterity, automated clicks can make using a computer easier.

Now, let’s look at how to do this automation.

Windows 10 Built-in Accessibility Features

Mouse Keys

Windows 10 has a feature called “Mouse Keys” that can assist in automating mouse clicks without the usage of third-party applications. To activate the Mouse Keys, follow these steps:

  1.       Press the Windows key and then select “Settings.”
  2.       Select “Ease of Access.”
  3.       In the left pane, click “Mouse.”
  4.       Toggle the option “Control your mouse with a keypad” to “On.”
  5.       Adjust options like pointer speed and acceleration to your taste.

When Mouse Keys is enabled, you may use your numeric keypad to control the mouse cursor. To click, press the 5 keys; to double-click, press the + key.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For some mouse activities, Windows also provides keyboard shortcuts. When you wish to automate operations, such as right-clicking or double-clicking, they might be useful.

  •         Shift + F10: Acts as a right-click.
  •         Ctrl + Click: This functions as a right-click.
  •         Shift + Click: Activates multi-selection.

Third-Party Tools for Advanced Automation

Third-party applications might provide increased capabilities if you need more complex automation or have specific tasks in mind. The common tool for this purpose is “AutoHotkey.”

Using AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey is a robust programming language for automating the Windows graphical user interface. It enables you to write custom scripts to conduct mouse clicks and other activities. Here’s where to begin:

  1.       AutoHotkey may be downloaded and installed from the official website ( ).
  2.       Make a new text file with the suffix “.ahk.”
  3.       Use a text editor to open the file and create your script. Use this script, for example, to automate a left mouse click every 2 seconds:

SetTimer, ClickLeft, 2000 return ClickLeft: Click return

  1.       To run the script, save the file and double-click it.

AutoHotkey offers limitless automation options, as well as a friendly community and detailed documentation to help you create your scripts.

Using GT Auto Clicker

GT Auto Clicker is a great tool which can help you to automatically click in Windows 10. It can automate all your tasks which need repeated clicking at a specific location on the screen. You can also save the recorded macros and can reuse them whenever needed.

  1. Go to website and download the installer file.
  2. Install the tool and open it to configure the settings.
  3. Enter the specific Click Interval ( 5 milliseconds ) and Click Repeat ( 9 times ) accordingly.
  4. Select the Mouse button and pick the X-Y screen location.
  5. Activate the macro by clicking on the Start button.

You can also use the hotkeys to start or stop and can create a sequence of clicks by using the suitable settings in different types of tasks.


Automating mouse actions in Windows 10 may significantly boost your productivity. Whether you choose the built-in accessibility features or complex scripting with tools like AutoHotkey, you can automate repetitive operations and improve your computing experience. Just remember to utilize these automation technologies wisely and ethically. Happy automating!


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