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How to Make Your Discord Server Look Professional

The popularity of Discord seems to be growing at a tremendous pace.  And it is no longer merely focused on gaming since various communities can now use it to their advantage. If you plan to join the bandwagon, it makes sense that you create your Discord server and grow the perfect community in your niche. 

Even though it may seem like a tall order for starters, this doesn’t have to be the case. Now more than ever, you can create an aesthetic Discord server using the numerous tools available at our disposal.  Here are three best practices to ensure your Discord server stands out from the competition. 

  • Get Your Discord Server Name Right 

While it sounds obvious, we can never emphasize this point enough for you to make your Discord server look professional.  The discord name and server logo are the first things new members see when joining your server.  For this reason, the channel name should be catchy enough to win over the hearts of new members. 

You don’t have to go through a lot before you finally get the name right. Be sure to leverage text font generators and other tools at your disposal to generate the ideal channel name for your Discord server.  Try to keep your discord name short and simple to make it memorable and stick in the mind of people.  

  • Leverage Gradients 

Adding gradients to your Discord server plays a vital role in enhancing its aesthetic appeal without spending more than you can afford.  There are no restrictions on how you can use gradients as long as they make your channel unique from other Discord servers out there.  You can choose to use a full gradient on your server’s website or go with a gradients background that looks professional on your server’s icon. How you make use of gradients narrows down to your niche and preferences. 

  • Add Emojis to Your Channels 

With the plethora of Discord emojis to choose from, you can never run out of the best to use on your text channels.  You want the user to know what the channel is all about without the hassle, and adding emojis will do the trick. But that’s not to say you should overdo the emojis as they will convey a different message.  As a rule of thumb, be sure to include at least one emoji in every channel on your discord server.

In Conclusion

Creating a Discord server that looks professional is such a fun experience.  As long as you know what features and qualities make a discord server stand out from the crowd, rest assured you will have a remarkable experience creating one.  Hopefully, the above tips can guide you towards making your very own Discord server without the hassle. 

It pays off to carry out some research before you start working on your Discord server.  That way, you won’t leave room for mistakes once you’re already underway. So, what are you waiting for before you finally give it a try!

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