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How to make your corporate event a success


Seminars, exhibition stands, anniversaries or nights out – corporate events can take a number of forms. However, all these professional events have one point in common: helping your brand. For this reason, they must be organised perfectly. Organising a professional event relies on a lot of different elements: defining goals, staying within budget, renting a room, preparing entertainment or establishing communications.

What tips should you follow to organise an original and memorable professional event? What role can an events company play? How do you implement an effective communications strategy? We have four tips to make your corporate event a hit that leaves a big impression.

Define your corporate event and its goals

First things first: if you want to organise an original corporate event, it is important to clearly define the event and its goals. Indeed, a company can organise different kinds of events: internally or with clients, on its premises or in a room that has been rented for the day or evening.

What different types of corporate events are possible?

A company can organise different types of events throughout the year and over time. We have selected a few of these.

  • Exhibition stands present the services or products offered by a brand. However, they must be innovative enough and stand out if you want to attract the attention of visitors. The architecture of the stand, the visitor experience and the entertainment are some of the key aspects for exhibition stands.
  • Business seminars can take place at the end of the year, or at the start of the autumn quarter. These corporate events are a perfect opportunity to bring teams together and bolster team spirit. They are also a chance to offer unique team-building activities.
  • The company’s anniversary is an opportunity to retrace the history of your brand and to thank all your employees for their commitment and work. Whether it is organised on the company’s premises or in a conference hall, this event requires an effective and innovative communications strategy if you want to make an impression.
  • Company nights out bring employees together in a festive setting. Company nights out are parties that can motivate your employees after a team-building activity, for an end-of-year celebration or during a seminar. They can also be organised with clients, suppliers or partners.
  • Inaugurating new premises is an event that should represent a milestone in the history of your company. It is a project that aims to highlight the company’s identity. To this end, it must be meticulously organised and align with your brand values.

Why organise an original corporate event?

Companies organise professional events for a variety of reasons. Indeed, professional events can satisfy different objectives. Furthermore, creating and organising events depends on the goals that have been set out. This is a non-exhaustive list:

  • bolstering team spirit;
  • thanking employees and collaborators;
  • presenting innovations, products or services;
  • talking about the brand;
  • motivating employees;
  • attracting new clients;
  • improving brand awareness;
  • expanding your market;
  • etc.

Creativity for corporate events

Our second tip for organising your corporate event is about creativity and innovation. Indeed, a seminar, conference or team-building activity must be original and innovative if you want participants to enjoy an immersive and unforgettable experience.

To this end, you must define a new concept and a common thread that aligns with your company’s identity. In order to make a lasting impression, this concept must be developed throughout the evening, the meeting, the day or the trip.

For example, the location of the venue must make sense. You can’t just rent any room. On the contrary, you have to find the ideal venue to enhance your professional event. Creativity and innovation must also be reflected in the choice of:

  • décor;
  • food;
  • furnishings;
  • lighting;
  • music;
  • entertainment;
  • etc.

Entertainment plays a decisive role in the success of a professional event, whether it is for an exhibition stand, a seminar, a conference or even a night out.

Master the organization of your corporate event

Organizing professional events is a vocation in its own right and requires many different skills. Indeed, you must demonstrate creativity and a great deal of competence to successfully organize a conference, a seminar, or a company night out.

In order for everything to be ready for the big day, hours of work are needed in advance. To this end, it is recommended that you call upon the services of an events company to make the organization of your corporate event a success.

The events company is a partner that can reinvent your professional event. Roadshows stand, conventions, or team-building sessions – the events company can design a bespoke event for every occasion. In this way, guests can attend a unique show that has been specially created for them.

To do this, the events company meticulously organizes every moment of the event, from its creation through its assessment.

  • The events company comes up with concepts, reserves suitable premises, produces bespoke stands, and handles many other elements well in advance of the conference, seminar, or trade fair. They are often required to work with technical service providers.
  • When the big day comes, they handle all the logistics, such as welcoming guests, handing out gifts, or managing the schedule.
  • Finally, when the professional event comes to a close, they ensure positive spin-offs for the brand.

Establish a communications strategy for your corporate event

If you want your corporate event to be original and successful, you must establish a communications strategy. Communication makes it possible to generate interest and forge lasting memories. The events company can establish this strategy based on the needs of the brand. Successful communication for events is based on three key pillars.

  • Prior to the event, the events company disseminates the brand’s presence on social media through high-quality content. They may also suggest creating a dedicated website and handle creating and sending out invitations.
  • During the seminar, night out or trade fair, communication also occurs. For example, the events company may suggest creating a social wall. They may also produce live videos for social media and disseminate communications to participants.
  • Finally, when the professional event is over, the company thanks all of the participants through the events company. They assess satisfaction, collect positive testimonials and share photos, videos and content related to the professional event.

In short, organising an original corporate event is a global project that requires hard work and innovation. In order to make it successful, it must be unique and, as a result, specially designed for a company and a particular event.

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