How to Make Your Car More Appealing

No matter if it’s your daily driver that has been deteriorating to the point where you’re drawing judgment from onlookers or if you are simply looking to make subtle improvements for your satisfaction, there are plenty of different possibilities to spruce up your ride. While some may certainly cost more than others, there are some ways to make improvements that can instantly make it feel and look better.

1) Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Your vehicle’s steering wheel is something you are always using. After all, you’re wrapping your hands around it at all times whenever you drive. Therefore, you might not want to settle for what comes standard with your vehicle. Instead, you can spruce things up with a DIY version from the guys at West Coast Customs. Assuming you have access to a commercial sewing machine in your garage, you can do it yourself. However, if not, you can find a lot of covers on Amazon’s marketplace that should work just as well.

2) Upgrade Your Floor Mats

The fact is, the mats on your floor get extremely dirty. Because of this, you’re likely going to need to replace them now and then and Mr Car Mats is the place to go. This is especially true if you use your mats during bad weather often and if you’re not religious about cleaning them. However, because they are so affordable, you could always replace them when needed. They are a very cheap update you can make for your vehicle that can have it looking much better.

3) Switch Up Your Carpet

While this is certainly a much more pricey option, you could always consider switching up your carpets and replacing them with newer material. This is a great way to get your vehicle looking fresher very quickly. It will even help your vehicle smell better too. You can order custom-fit carpets online as many companies specialize in them. From there, you can install it on your own or have a company help you do it.

4) Get Personalised Number Plates

Personalised plates will make your car instantly more appealing. Not only this but personalised plates are an investment. You can choose something that has meaning, there are hundreds of personalised plates to choose from. And the great news is, they are not as expensive as you might expect. Find cheap number plates here.

5) Change The Wheels

The wheels on your vehicle are kind of like the shoes on your feet. They are very important to the overall look and feel of your entire vehicle. By making upgrades to your vehicle’s wheels, you should be able to enhance the overall look of your entire car. Not only is it going to improve the aesthetics of your vehicle, but it can improve the performance of your ride too. While you don’t need to opt for super flashy wheels, you do want to try to find something that meshes well with your desired aesthetic.

6) Add A Collision Avoidance System

One of the things that you can do to spruce up your vehicle is to add some modern features to it. If your vehicle is rather old, you might be able to find an add-on for your vehicle. You can install safety features including a backup camera, a monitor for your blind spots, and even a collision warning system. All of this can be done without having to purchase an entirely new vehicle.

7) Replace Shocks and Struts

A lot of car manufacturers will recommend that you replace these things every 80,000 kilometers. However, this depends on how you are driving. If you have experienced significant wear and tear to your struts and shocks, you’re likely going to experience amazing results if you were to replace them.

8) New Seats

Sitting behind the wheel should be as comfortable as possible. While it shouldn’t feel like you are at a spa, you do want to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the journey. By making upgrades to your seats, you can maximize your enjoyment of your vehicle and give yourself a major aesthetic boost.

9) Wax It

If you want to make a cheap and easy improvement to the overall aesthetic of your vehicle, give it a good wash and wax job. A fresh coat of wax is a good way to protect the paint of your vehicle and to get it shinning well.

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