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How to Make Quality Product Videos for Your Store?

Are you researching how to make product videos for your online store? If the answer is yes, you’ve just arrived at the right content! In this article, we have gathered the main tips for you to invest in this strategy for your business.

After all, video marketing already represents 82% of internet traffic, according to a survey conducted by Cisco. Furthermore, 91% of people on the internet consume videos online, according to SEMRush. However, delivering very amateurish content, without sufficient image and audio quality, can end up harming your e-commerce, as it does not inspire confidence. So, do you want to know everything you need to produce professional content for your online business?

See how to make product videos below!

What is a Product Video?

Product video is a digital marketing strategy used by companies with the aim of showing features and options for using a product. In addition, it is a determining format for customer decision-making.

product video can be found in different types and formats, as we will see later in this content.

When it comes to online sales, by using this strategy, you will be able to increase your conversion rate. This is because, with the format, in addition to understanding how the product works, the customer will be able to see where the item can be found and what are the advantages of using it.

How to make product videos for e-commerce?

Now that you know the importance of investing in strategy for your business, here are the editing tips on how to make product videos:

1. Have a camera that records with good resolution

Nowadays, it is possible to make good videos with simple equipment. In general, most smartphones have a good resolution and shoot in HD so you can start with them.

But as your store grows and your video views grow, it’s important to invest in a good camera. DSLR cameras, for example, are professional models that allow you to change lenses.

2. Ensure good lighting for recording

Ensure the product is very well lit, without shadows so that the customer can see all the details clearly.

You can use natural light or, if you’re shooting indoors, make sure you have at least two points of light on your subject so that one side is not brighter than the other. They can even be office lamps. However, ideally, the temperature of the two lamps, that is, the color of the lights, is the same.

3. Have a tripod

The support is very important to prevent the image from becoming unstable during recording. Invest in a tripod for your camera.

You can find tripods for cameras or cell phones in the range of $12.99. Professional tripods for recording videos, on the other hand, have a slightly higher price, above $150.

4. Record in a quiet place

If the video has a presenter or voiceover, the audio must be very clear so that everyone understands the features of your product. Make sure you are in a quiet place. If you are going to use the format with voiceover, it is very important to use a microphone.

If you have a camera with a microphone input, an idea is to use a directional model that is on top of the device.

If your camera doesn’t have a microphone input, you can try using a recording tool, such as RecordCast, for example, and plugging the microphone directly into your computer. In that case, the audio and video will later synchronize when editing.

5. Use a neutral background

When making a video of your product, you can choose between appearing talking to the audience or just showing the product. The second option is more suitable if you sell online.

For this, choose to use a neutral background for the footage. The ideal is to buy a non-woven fabric in a solid neutral color (white or black) and leave it on the bottom. A piece of cardstock or EVA paper can also be used.

6. Film from different positions around your product

The sixth step-by-step tip on recording videos of your product is: to make different takes of footage of the item. You can film from both the left and right, from below and above, from the front and the back, from open and closed angles.

It’s important to have all these shooting positions to have enough footage to edit and create a visually interesting video.

7. Edit your videos

After having recorded the image and audio, it was time to edit and choose the best takes. Generally, all computers come equipped with some editing software. For Windows, there’s Movie Maker, and for Mac, there’s iMovie.

However, you can opt for online editors like FlexClip, editing apps like Instasize, or purchase professional software like Sony Vegas for Windows or Final Cut for Mac. But if you’ve never edited, start with the simplest ones.

A soundtrack can make all the difference in the impact a video has on the audience. Also, the way to make the transition more pleasing to the viewer’s eyes between two different angles is to cut during a gesture.

Thus, the viewer watches at an angle the beginning of the movement and follows it as it ends in the next scene.

Why make product videos?

Making product videos is important to arouse your consumers’ desire and curiosity. Therefore, this is a great tool for those who want to increase sales, especially on the internet.

Think about how the sales process of a physical store works. Before buying a product, the customer can touch and see the product, right? However, when it comes to a sales site, this practice is not possible. In fact, many consumers end up abandoning the shopping cart because they do not trust the quality of the product.

Therefore, with product videos, it is possible to minimize this problem since the strategy allows the customer to know all the features of the merchandise, in practice. In addition, this practice helps to create a great impression about the brand itself, bringing consumers a sense of closeness and familiarity.

Types of product videos

A product video can be made in different ways. You just need to know which is the best way to promote your business and how each product will be exposed.

So, let’s get to know the main formats for you to get inspired:

1. Video with a presenter on scene

In this type of video, you — or someone who has the ability to speak — introduce the product by handling it, showing all the details to the camera, while talking about those details.

2. Video with voiceover

You can only show product images, and only your voice will be heard, but you will not be in the scene. To do this, you can record a narration separately and then edit it with images of the product details.

3. Video with images only

A simpler type of video, without speech, just with images of the product being ripped apart. If you want, you can add some background music to make the video more dynamic.

Did you learn how to make a product video?

We hope these tips on how to make a product video have been helpful. To make your job easier, remember to create a script before starting production. That way, you’ll start recording already knowing everything you’ll need.

Did you like our tips on how to make product videos and want to put them all into practice? Create your free virtual store with Shopify! It’s simple, fast and without the need for technical knowledge! Then, just get your hands dirty and: “light, camera and action!”


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