How to make passive income from home? Use Simple Miner – make passive income higher than your monthly income

Simple Miner

Traditional cryptocurrency mining methods often require expensive computers and consume large amounts of electricity, which also makes maintenance and profitability difficult.

Beginners may prefer cloud-based software that does not require mining equipment and programs designed for more basic CPU and GPU mining.

They may also prefer software with low withdrawal requirements, as it may take a long time to mine enough Bitcoins to make it worthwhile to use mining software with high limits.

Who are the simple miners?

Simpleminers are the world’s top Bitcoin miners. Founded in June 2019, it is headquartered in London, UK. It has more than 1.5 million members worldwide. The company has been focusing on Bitcoin mining business since its establishment. Currently, the company not only has the world’s most advanced Bitcoin mining technology, but also deployed the world’s largest computing power facilities. Statistics show that Simpleminers currently contribute about 3.5% of the world’s computing power.

How to join Simple Miner?

  1. Go to the official website of Simple Miner, click on registration, and follow the steps to complete the registration.
  2. After registration is completed, click on the dashboard to check whether the registration bonus of $10 has been credited.
  3. In the project/market, find the project you want to purchase and purchase it.
  4. Complete the purchase, no extra operations are required, just wait for the proceeds to arrive.
Contract computing power Contract cycle contract price daily interest rate
Free calculation power 1Day $10 3%
Experience computing power 2Day $100 3%
Classic computing power 3-20Day $300-$3000 1.15%-1.4%
Advanced Computing 21-55Day $5000 + 1.5%-2.2%

(The computing power value of the contract is different, the investment amount and period are different, and the income is also different. For more contracts, please log in to the Simpleminers official website to view)


Multiple benefits:

  1. Sign up and get $10.
  2. Develop subordinates and earn 3%-4% exclusive commission.
  3. Upgrade your VIP level and earn level red envelopes and additional benefits.
  4. Promote it to social circles and earn platform activity bonuses.

For details, please visit the official website:



Traditional mining equipment requires a large investment in purchasing equipment, renting space, and spending a lot of time maintaining mining equipment. It is slow to produce results, very unfriendly, and not suitable for novices. In Simple Miner, the tedious work is simplified and no unnecessary operations are required to participate in mining. The platform takes care of everything. This is beneficial to all players. If you want your income to be higher than your monthly salary, joining Simple Miner is the wisest choice.

Please operate through the official website or download the APP.

Media contact info:


Company Name: Simpleminers

Corporate email:

Company address: 102 Middleton Road, London, United Kingdom

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