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How To Make OP Sambuk Builds And Burn Everything In Skull & Bones? – Perk, Weapon, Furniture And More

Here I want to take a quick look at Sambuk builds I use in Skull and Bones and share how to build the most powerful Sambuk possible.

Sambuk is one of the medium-sized ships in Skull and Bones. This is a ship that specializes in dealing fire damage and burning targets. If you are willing to buy Skull and Bones Silver to upgrade your gear, it will also be able to target multiple enemies at close range for even more damage.

This is the last ship you can get at the launch of Skull and Bones, as it’s locked behind the in-game Black Market store. Obtaining Sambuk blueprint costs 5,000 Pieces of Eight, and you must reach Cutthroat level of Infamy.

Is Sambuk Worth Trying?

Some may question whether it is worth spending the money to buy a Sambuk. My answer is yes, because it’s fun.

If you enjoy close combat with enemy ships, then Sambuk is definitely for you. Its Scorched Perk allows you to deal 5000 burning damage to an enemy just by getting into close range, and the damage dealt will increase after that.

Also, Sambuk can be equipped with weapons in all major slots, with multiple muzzles and five furniture slots. Its only drawback is that its hull strength is weaker than other DPS ships, but this is because of its ability to deal damage quickly and effectively.

I mainly use this ship for PVE group activities. In this kind of activity, it would be absolutely devastating for quickly taking out swarms of ships. Of course, if you can buy Skull and Bones Items in advance, your building process would go smoother. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Scorched Perk


There’s only one thing you need to do to create a perfect Sambuk build, and that’s setting everything up.

The main perk on Sambuk is Scorched, which deals 5,000 points of burn damage when you apply Ablaze status effect to an enemy ship. What’s more, spreading the effect to all enemies within 150 meters is absolutely amazing. Because you’re basically creating these constant waves of fire everywhere.

Besides this, you’ll also deal an additional 50% damage to any ship affected by the fire. Therefore, you can also make Sambuk meet your requirements by buying and equipping some Skull & Bones items for sale to set enemies on fire and burn them quickly.

Sambuk has the lowest hull strength of all medium ships and is essentially the glass-cannon build of the group. So we have to focus on sinking the enemy ships as quickly as possible, which is exactly what we’re going to do with this Sambuk load-out.


The first thing we want to choose is Blue Specter. You can get this weapon by farming Ghost Ship, and you can also get the blueprint by collecting Ethereal Ashes that drop after defeating Ghost Ship.


This is a Sea Fire weapon that sprays fire damage directly at enemies within a short range, and it looks really cool. But besides just looking cool, it also lets you quickly stack Ablaze damage onto enemies with Superheated perk, which causes more damage the longer you spray it on an enemy.

Spray is the key word here, and it relates to both auxiliary weapons and the choice of primary furniture.


So for Auxiliary, I’m using a Rocket III. You can also replace it with Termites III for Plunder.

But Rocket has an extra 10% burning damage, and its Rapid Fire or Barrage is great for attacking enemies at short range. We can quickly build up Blaze meter, hit consecutively and use Rocket III’s Blue Specter for spray damage.

Blue Specter will go perfectly with the main furniture piece I’m using on this boat, Megaphone. This piece of furniture allows you to reduce reload time by hitting enemies in succession, opening doors with each hit.

For the rest of the load-out, we basically went all-in on Fire Bombard III and the rest of the ship, reducing load-out times. These Fire Bombards allow you to deal a continuous barrage of negative hits to your enemies from all directions repeatedly.

In theory, you could now replace the two on the sides with Zamas, as they do cause burn at a higher rate. But Fire Bombard does help give the ship more range. Since we know both Blue Specter and Rocket have a range of less than 400 meters, we do want this ship to have some sort of range factor, which is why we use Fire Bombard and buy Skull and Bones Boosting.



As for the rest of the furniture, I like to lean towards the burning effect as much as possible because everything we do has one purpose, and that is to set everything on fire.

Therefore, we will use Sticky Fuel Station I to increase Ablaze duration, Gunpowder Bench I will increase our damage to Ablaze enemies, and Volatile Fuel I will increase the charge rate of Ablaze effect. Then there’s Bombard Works I, which will increase the elemental damage multiplier of all three Fire Bombards.


Finally, for Armor, just like on Brigantine, I would go with Black Prince until we get more armor in the game. These armors may offer more substantial benefits and may even synergize better with ships. Black Prince still does that to me, at least until Season 1, which is still the best armor in the game.



All in all, like I said, this Sambuk build is a lot of fun no matter when I deploy it. That’s why I recommend spending Pieces of Eight to buy it from Black Market. It’s definitely worth having as part of your fleet.

With this guide, I show you how I built my Sambuk and how it works. You might get some real insight into this ship. If you have better building ideas, please share them!

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