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How to Make Money On Twitch in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

In 2023, the gaming world is an ever-expanding cosmos, offering endless opportunities. Platforms like Twitch, resembling radiant stars, beckon gamers to transform their passion into a profitable venture. If you’re an avid gamer dreaming of turning your hobby into a money-making pursuit, fear not! 


This guide is your trusty spacecraft, loaded with the tools and knowledge to navigate the gaming universe and convert your love for gaming into a lucrative income source.

Understanding Twitch: The Gaming Ecosystem

Absolutely, dude! Twitch, the place where we used to spend hours gaming and chatting. It’s wild to think it all started back in 2011. But here’s the kicker it’s way more than just gaming now. It’s this massive live-streaming hub where you can catch everything from games to music, sports, and even entertainment shows.

And get this, the crowd on Twitch is incredibly diverse. It’s not just us gaming enthusiasts anymore; it’s a whole mix of streamers and viewers from all over. 

I mean, we’re talking about a mind-blowing 31 million daily visitors. Wrap your head around that! Plus, there are a staggering 7 million streamers doing their thing every month. That’s like the entire population of Hong Kong, man!

But here’s what sets it apart – it’s not your run-of-the-mill YouTube, Amazon, or TikTok. Twitch has carved out its own unique space. It’s THE place to be for real-time gaming content.

The Monetary Potential of Twitch Streaming

The potential to earn money on Twitch is vast, with multiple avenues to generate revenue. Twitch streamers can earn through donations, merchandise sales, brand deals, subscriptions, and Twitch bits a virtual currency that viewers use to cheer on streamers. 

However like any entrepreneurial pursuit it requires dedication and hard work to effectively monetize a Twitch channel. 

Here are some key methods to generate income on Twitch as you grow your viewership and progress from being a “streamer”, to an “affiliate” and eventually a “partner.”

1. Capitalizing on Donations

Donations serve as a lucrative starting point to earn money even before qualifying as a Twitch affiliate or partner. 

You can add a PayPal donation button to your channel description or use a third-party app, such as Streamlabs, to set up a virtual tip jar. This enables your viewers to financially support your channel, creating an immediate income stream.

2. Merchandise sales

Once you have garnered a small, loyal fan base, setting up an online store to promote and sell custom merchandise on your Twitch channel can prove beneficial. Popular products include T-shirts, hoodies, hats, backpacks, mugs, and stickers, all bearing your unique branding.

3. Brand Deals and Sponsorships

When your audience reaches a substantial size, companies might consider paying you, or offering you free products, to showcase their offerings to your viewers. Sponsorship and affiliate opportunities often come from computer hardware and software, gaming chair, and energy drink companies, all eager to tap into the expansive gaming market.

4. Subscriptions

Subscriptions, often referred to as “subs ” allow your fans to show support while receiving benefits, like personalized emotes, subscriber badges and an ad free viewing experience. Monthly subscriptions typically range from $5 to $25 with streamers usually receiving half of the amount.

5. Twitch Bits

Affiliates and partners can earn revenue from Twitch bits, a virtual currency viewers use to support streamers. The streamer receives 1¢ per gifted bit, creating yet another avenue for income.

6. Ad Revenue

Advertisements are a common feature on Twitch streams, but only affiliates and partners can monetize them. Ad breaks can vary from 30 seconds to three minutes, and the more viewers who see the ad, the more cash you earn.

The Pre-requisites: Setting up Your Twitch Channel

To start streaming on Twitch, you will need a Twitch account, some essential equipment, and streaming software.

Twitch Account

You can sign up for a Twitch account by visiting or downloading the Twitch Mobile app for your device. Anyone age 13 or older can be a Twitch streamer.

Essential Equipment

While you can stream from a gaming console, laptop, or mobile phone, streaming quality is generally better if you use a desktop PC. A good camera and microphone are also crucial for engaging and interacting with your viewers.

Streaming Software

To broadcast their content on Twitch, creators need broadcasting software. Popular software options include Twitch Studio, OBS Project, Streamlabs Desktop, XSplit, and Vmix.

Building Your Twitch Audience

Creating an inclusive community is the strategy to expand your viewership. When your audience feels a sense of connection with you as a streamer they are more inclined to come to your channel and watch your streams regularly. 

To assist you in nurturing your community here are a suggestions;

  • Be dependable – Stream on a schedule, so viewers know where and when to find you.
  • Engage with your viewers – Create a sense of connection to encourage them to come back for more.
  • Seek feedback – Ask your viewers and subscribers what content they like and adapt accordingly.
  • Cross-post – Staying active across various social media platforms and diversifying your content is crucial for reaching a broader audience.
  • Stream the right games – Start with less competitive games and build your audience before streaming more popular titles.

Qualifying for Twitch Partner Status

The top tier for Twitch earners is to become a Twitch partner. You can apply for partnership once you meet the following minimum benchmarks within 30 days:

  • Stream for at least 25 hours.
  • Stream on 12 different days.
  • Have an average of 75+ concurrent viewers.
  • Have at least 50 followers.

Twitch Affiliate vs. Twitch Partner

The Twitch Affiliate Program lets you monetize your channel while you build your audience and work toward the coveted Twitch partner status. To join it, you must simultaneously meet the following four requirements over a 30-day period:

  • Stream for at least eight hours.
  • Stream on seven different days.
  • Have an average of three or more concurrent viewers.
  • Have at least 50 followers.

How to Buy Real Twitch Live Viewers?

In this era of technology Twitch has become a platform for both gamers and creators of content. If you’re considering joining the trend it’s important to understand the ways to generate income on Twitch in 2023.


  • First off, you need to become a Twitch affiliate or partner. This will enable you to earn from subscriptions, advertisements, and bits (Twitch’s virtual currency). 


  • But it’s not just about creating content, it’s about having an audience. One strategy that can boost your viewership is to buy real twitch live viewers


  • It might sound a little. It can actually be a good way to get your channel going. When you have viewers it makes your channel more appealing to viewers.


Remember this is one part of the equation. Engaging with your audience, creating top notch content and streaming regularly are also important for making money on Twitch.


The world of Twitch is highly competitive. To stand out and make a substantial income, you will need to utilize every strategy at your disposal. 


So, gear up and get ready to dive into the exciting and rewarding world of Twitch streaming in 2023!

How Does Twitch Pay You?

You can receive payouts from Twitch via direct deposit/ACH, PayPal, or CashApp, check, wire transfer, or eCheck. 

You’ll receive a payout once a month if your account balance after your last payment exceeds the $100 threshold for wire transfers or $50 for all other methods.


While making money on Twitch in 2023 may seem daunting, it is possible with time, effort, and consistency. 

By setting realistic expectations, having measured benchmarks for personal success, and avoiding the trap of comparing your stats to larger channels, you can carve a successful streaming career on Twitch.

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