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How To Make Money From Crypto Without Making A Trade?

Cryptocurrency has been a buzzword in this financial world, with many people willing to enter this cryptic space. The upside returns have blown away a majority of the audience as some cryptocurrencies have grown massively to deliver even 200X returns within years! 

The success stories of people that got rich by investing in cryptocurrency when it was low and selling them when it was high have surfaced a lot on the Internet. Even in the neighborhood or among your friends, you can find someone who made a reasonable sum of money by mining cryptocurrencies. 

People enter into the cryptocurrency field to make money, but not all do that. Several people either give up along the way or lose money because they do not adequately understand how to make money with cryptocurrency. 

The inflation rates are soaring to record highs, making it essential for people to have a passive income source. But what exactly is passive income? It is the money earned by your investments without you working for them. Passive income usually includes

  • Revenue from a rental property.
  • Dividends from stocks. 
  • Evergreen automated sales for a business. 
  • Any other kind of income. 

How can we generate income from Crypto Holdings? 

The crypto industry offers a lot of opportunities to everyone that comes through. Rest is dependent on the person on how they take it forward. Blockchain is powering a majority of sectors these days where the research and adaption of technology are heavily making it mainstream. Let’s learn about some popular services that the crypto industry offers to generate substantial passive income. 


Staking is the process of depositing cryptocurrencies to help validators to validate the transaction. Let us break down the entire process to help you understand the working better. 

Blockchain is a database of blocks maintaining transactions in a decentralized fashion. The Proof-of-Work (PoW) Blockchains require a large amount of electricity and computing power to mine cryptocurrencies. The most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is a PoW blockchain that relies on mining to address the challenge of securely verifying transactions.

On the other hand, some blockchains follow the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. They have validators that validate the transactions when they stake Crypto. The stakers that have deposited their Crypto earn a share of payouts. Some prominent Proof-of-Stake blockchain examples are Polkadot, Cardano, and Ethereum 2.0. 

The process makes staking a very appealing alternative for crypto investors who want to hold assets rather than trade them. While Staking is based on sophisticated mathematics, it needs relatively minimal technical understanding. 

The process of Staking involves two options: Validator or Delegator. The first option consists of operating your own node that requires bootstrapping, a safe and dependable technological infrastructure, and sufficient knowledge. Additionally, being a validator requires you to stake a high amount of Crypto. For being an Ethereum 2.0 validator, you must have a minimum of 32 ETH. 

The validator collects the Crypto from individuals, and Staking is accomplished by delegation, i.e., delegating your coins to a validator with the necessary setup. The Validators will do further work as they will run a node in return for a cut of your staking earnings. 

The second route involves staking your cryptocurrency via exchanges. Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges run validators, which enable clients to stake with them via the exchange’s user interface. Staking is straightforward, and people can access fees, locking time, and rewards for the Crypto they have staked. 


Lending is a standard process that is prevalent even with the physical currency. Your crypto assets in the wallets can be subject to lending for earning interest. Several platforms exist that allow users to lock up their funds for a certain period in exchange for interest payments. However, the interest rates might be constant or variable depending on your chosen platform. 

Lending is gaining popularity as you get to earn extra interest while cryptocurrency appreciates. The lending option is accessible on numerous exchanges that allow margin trading. The process is favorable for long-term investors who want to build their portfolios with minimum effort. 


PoW blockchains involve mining, consuming electricity, and computing power to generate a cryptographic hash. Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency that works on the PoW consensus mechanism. The system hash rate increased with time, pushing miners to opt for more powerful Graphics Processing Units. 

As the competition intensified, it became almost wholly a game of high-end graphic cards that use mining chips explicitly built for this purpose. Plentiful miners are sitting across the world that prefer mining for generating passive income in the cryptocurrency industry.

Running a Lightning Node 

Lightning Node facilitates fast transactions without direct transmission to the blockchain. It is an off-chain payment network that is a second layer protocol constructed on top of a network (such as the blockchain of Bitcoin). 

The transactions on the Bitcoin network are one-way and require a different payment channel if the other person wishes to send the Crypto back. The lightning Network comes in handy as it uses bidirectional channels that need prior agreement between the two parties on the transaction terms. 

Airdrops and Forks 

Airdrops are a popular medium of earning extra income without intervention. These are free tokens distributed to generate awareness about the particular cryptocurrency. You can easily catch an airdrop as new projects and exchanges often do an airdrop to create a large user base. 

A blockchain fork is a splitting of blockchain because of changes or upgrades in a protocol that create new coins. You get a chance to earn free tokens on the new network if they hold coins on the original chain. 


The options for generating passive income in the blockchain industry are immense and don’t require heavy knowledge of the fundamentals. You can choose from various options to help them build a steady income flow passively. As cryptocurrencies become more dependable and secure, they may eventually represent a viable option for a constant source of revenue.

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