How to Make Impact Wrench More Powerful?

The impact wrench has become a favorite tool of mechanics around the world. Many names, such as impact socket wrench or ratchet wrench, know the impact wrench. An impact wrench is a tool for tightening or loosening fasteners, such as nuts and bolts.

How to make an impact wrench more powerful is a very simple process. This tool is tremendously strong when used appropriately, but you must understand how it works to maximize its effectiveness.

This article covers how to increase the power of an impact wrench and how to increase the torque of an impact wrench.

How to make impact wrench more powerful?

The following are some things you can do to increase your tool’s power:

The first step in increasing the power of your tool is to make sure it is tight. The tightness of the tool determines the highest torque that may apply to the bolt or nut. This step is essential to ensure that you don’t damage the fastener.

The next step is to check the hole size you are using. The bigger the hole, the more force you will apply to the bolt or nut. If you have a small hole, you will have less force than a large one.

Third, you should use a lubricant such as oil or grease on the threads. Lubrication will prevent metal-to-metal contact. This will reduce friction, which will allow you to apply more torque.

Fourth, add a washer between the nut or bolt and the nut or bolt. This will ensure that the nut or bolt doesn’t come loose.

How To Increase the Torque of An Impact Wrench?

The following are some steps for increasing the torque of an impact wrench:

Increase The Stroke Size of Your Impact Wrench

The best way to increase the torque of an impact wrench is to increase the stroke size.

If you use an impact wrench with a stroke size of 1/2, you should increase the stroke size to 3/8 inch and 1 inch. This is a good way to increase the torque of your impact wrench.

Use An Extension Cord for Increased Power

You should also use an extension cord to increase the power of your impact wrench. An extension cord will provide additional power to your impact wrench.

Upgrade Your Socket or Attachment

If you use a socket with a wrench attachment, you should replace it with a new socket. This will help you to increase the torque of your impact wrench.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you adjust the torque on the impact wrench?

Impact wrenches, which we use to tighten nuts and bolts, usually come with a single torque setting. It would help if you turned the handle back and forth to change the setting. However, impact wrenches with adjustable torque allow you to manually increase or decrease the force applied, depending on your need.

How much torque is good for an impact wrench?

When it comes to torque wrenches, we recommend to always using the maximum torque setting. The maximum torque settings of most impact wrenches are typically 1500–1800 in-lbs. You should also consult your local auto parts store for the exact value of the torque wrench you are using.

What is the highest torque impact wrench?

The highest torque impact wrench is the C-8 Impact Wrench. This is a heavy-duty wrench that is designed for the toughest applications.

It provides a higher torque value than the standard impact wrench. It’s also equipped with an LED light and an LED indicator that shows the current torque value, which makes it easier to use.

What is the hog ring on an impact wrench?

A hog ring is a type of tool with several useful purposes. For example, it helps to maintain a constant pressure when tightening a nut. You can find this ring on impact wrenches, torque drivers, and socket sets.

Is higher torque more powerful?

It all relies on your interpretation of “more powerful.” More torque indicates that you can apply more force with less effort or spin a gadget or machine quicker. To have the maximum torque, you need to increase the rotational speed, increasing your power consumption.


Impact wrenches are useful tools when working on heavy objects such as cars. Many use them to work on their cars when removing and replacing tires. It’s important to understand how to use the wrench so you don’t damage your tool.

To make the impact wrench more powerful, you need to figure out the right amount of torque. It takes practice and experience to determine the correct amount of torque needed to remove and replace tires on your car.

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