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How To Make Group Chats Work In The Workplace 

A group chat app is a software application that allows team members working on a common project to communicate in real-time. These apps are intended to facilitate collaboration and keep team members connected even when they are not physically present in the same location. File sharing, audio and video calling, and instant messaging are just a few of the features available in group chat apps.

Business group communication tools are becoming increasingly popular and common in many businesses today. They have many advantages for businesses, and one of the most important advantages is that business owners can establish good communication with their employees. This allows business owners to reach out to multiple people at the same time.

This is extremely useful, especially when business owners need to communicate with employees who are located in different cities or abroad. It provides the convenience of having all of your communication in one place, searchable instantly, and accessible on the go. Here are a few points you should keep in mind before choosing a group communication tool.

  1. Remember, it is not an email

In an email, you have the luxury of time to compose your entire message before sending it all at once. Group chat is unique; it is a dynamic conversation. It is a great way to get all of your points across if you are starting the conversation. However, once you are in the middle of a conversation, rather than writing three long paragraphs and leaving the person on the other end wondering if you are even there, share shorter, more concise thoughts. Maintain the conversation as if it were face-to-face. Allow for feedback as you go.

  1. Acknowledge receipt of a message

Let a team member know if you have seen their request to work on a project. Again, instant messaging is not the same as email. You cannot mark it as important and return to it later. Transparency and clarity are what drive team productivity. Everyone is on the same page and knows what everyone else is working on. This way, expectations (deadlines, ownership, and delivery) are established, and you will get the most out of the team members.

You can also easily convert a chat message into a task and have a reminder of what’s next on your plate. Maintain focus, stay on task, and complete your work efficiently. Save time by grouping similar tasks together, completing them all at once, and still having time for that round of golf with your friend.

  1. Respect deep work for yourself and others

To produce work at your peak performance level, you must eliminate distractions, stop multitasking, and focus for an extended period of time on a single task. Focus is becoming an increasingly important skill for the future workplace. So, with group chat, everyone can be reached at any time.

When you begin a conversation with a team member, indicate whether you require an immediate response or if they can get back to you when they have time. Demonstrate that you value and respect their time and do not require immediate responses at the expense of focus and thoughtfulness. Similarly, notify your team if you will be unavailable for a few hours. If you do not want to be bothered by notifications, simply request to be reached only if it’s an emergency.

  1. Check, check and check again

Every day, people screech “oh no!” as a result of blunders in group communication tools. Then there’s the classic “Oops, I posted it in the wrong chat/group” gaffe.

Before you hit the send button, take a moment to double-check that you are in the correct window and that you are about to send it to the correct person. The most common reason we make this mistake is when we are chatting with multiple people at once and sending out multiple messages at breakneck speed.

  1. Scope out the scene

Take your time to see what the norm is in the group chat, just as you would at a party with new faces. First, read what the other members are saying. What pitch do they use? Do they employ emojis? Is it all business, or do they share personal stories? All of this will assist you in developing a clear sense of what is acceptable in a given group. Keep an eye on who else is in the group chat. Is your boss present? Is your CEO among those present? Are there any clients around? Keep the content relevant to the group in mind.

  1. Formatting etiquette in chats

Even though group chat is faster and more casual than email, it does not imply that it requires less thought. Grammar and formatting in chats can frequently mean the difference between being taken seriously and receiving few to no useful responses to your messages. Carefully consider the use of capital letters and emojis.

Caps are never a good thing in chats as they denote ‘shouting’. Emojis are great, but use them sparingly and, in most cases, not with seniors unless you are engaged in a one-on-one conversation with them, in which case it may be more appropriate.

  1. Take note of the conversation context

Make use of the option to reply or forward specific messages in group chat apps. Another chat participant will find it much easier to navigate a long conversation if everyone takes the time to respond to individual messages in a structured manner that provides context to any questions, comments, or ideas.

In general, do not let the speed of the conversation get to you. Take the time to scroll back up and read the messages in context before asking, “what?” or “I missed that” in a group chat. Your question may have already been answered in this manner; if not, at least you now understand what is going on and can provide a more pertinent response.

  1. Create a space for fun

Group chat is an excellent way to collaborate effectively and efficiently to run a business. But it is also a great way for teams to bond, strengthen company culture, and have some harmless fun. When your team is under pressure to meet a tight deadline or when professional decision-making is draining morale, a funny meme or friendly banter can do wonders to lift everyone’s spirits.

Creating a dedicated group chat for light-hearted and funny conversations, sharing interesting links and articles, making lunch plans, and other non-work-related topics is a great way for your team to bond.

Clariti for workplace group messaging

Many work group chat apps are available to help team members communicate with one another. These apps can be used to share files, collaborate on projects, and stay on track. It is important to consider the most important features to you and your team when selecting a chat app for your team.

Clariti is a good option if you need a chat app for work. It is an excellent group chat tool for focusing on work while also allowing ideas to flow. You must, however, be disciplined in how you use it and understand the etiquette for effective workplace chat communication. Clariti is a free tool with a “Content-rich subject chat” feature where you can easily understand the topic without having to search for it. It is a cloud-based software where you can save a file, share it, and add reminders for future purposes.

Try Clariti today to improve the communication and collaboration of your team.

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