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How to make balloon decorations like a pro: easy tips

balloon decorations

Creating a festive mood in your home starts with decorating it. And balloons are a win-win decor option! A good air designer needs to be able to do many things, do them right, and work fast. Otherwise, the entire decor of the event may be at risk!

From buying balloons wholesale to specific color combos for various events and interiors — we’re going to give you some proven tips on how to make balloon decorations like a pro!

How to extend the life of outdoor balloon decorations in summer?

Heat greatly affects the lifespan of the balloons, so do the following:

  • opt for balloons of light shades, because they reflect sunlight better;
  • you can inflate the second balloon inside the first one. Thus, the first layer will protect the second from destruction and the balloon will retain its shape will remain the same until the event is over;
  • use Hi-Float to extend the life of your inflatable decorations.

Is it worth creating the decorations long before the event?

If you start decorating the celebration too early, they may simply not “live up” to the holiday. You should be aware that a 35” helium balloon can float for a maximum of 18-19 hours, and the smaller balloon will float about 5 hours (foil balloons last longer). As for air-filled balloons, most of them last for 6-8 weeks.

Buying balloons in bulk

By buying items in bulk, you can kill two birds with one stone:

  • choose quality items at an affordable price;
  • always have some balloons in reserve.

Is it always reasonable to use balloons with pictures?

The balloons with pictures look impressive, they always stand out and immediately draw attention. However, it’s not always reasonable to use them: for example, no one will notice the images on the balloons that float under the ceiling.

What’s the best way to tie inflated balloons?

You can tie your balloons with a thread, but it is better to use special clips, which allow you to easily clip the item’s neck. It’s a good option for creating a large number of balloon gifts.

Also, you can use an elastic band to tie the inflated balloons.

What is the best place to fix the foil balloons?

When exposed to moisture and high temperature, the paint on the foil balloon begins to interact with the objects it touches. For example, it can spoil the expensive wall covering. To avoid this, try to fix them so that they do not come into contact with other objects.

How to choose the size of the arch depending on the size of the entrance to the house

There are several standard sizes of the arch, depending on the type of door where it is installed:

  • single arch – 18-19 feet;
  • one and a half arch – 19-22 feet;
  • double arch – 22-26 feet.

This size allows people to freely enter the house and fully open the doors.

Correct number of colors and their combination

Combining balloons of different colors for various interiors, you should keep in mind some rules:

  • for a festive event (anniversary, wedding), a combination of 2, maximum 3 colors is enough. Usually, decorators put the emphasis with the help of contrasting colors or an elegant combination of light shades;
  • the best way to decorate children’s parties, birthdays, matinees is picking up colorful balloons of bright shades;
  • the most efficient way to decorate rooms with soft lighting is to avoid dark shades: use only light pastel or bright colors (for example, orange);
  • if the room is well lit, you can experiment with any colors!
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