How to Make a Mouse Bungee At Home

Mouse Bungee

If you are a gamer, you will surely know what pain and irritation you have to go through if you don’t have a mouse bungee. Knowing the importance of a mouse bungee, this article explains some easy ideas to make your device at home without spending much. Moreover, it will also tell what a mouse is. Simply, it is a device that helps you un-mess wire and cable tangling to create a clean gaming setup. After this, you feel the freedom to move your mouse easily and as much as you need to. Although a bungee is not very expensive, not everyone can afford this. So why should you wait for a mouse bungee to arrive and not a DIY one? Let’s put together those ideas that help you make your own mouse bungees. However, it is necessary to know more about this device first.

What is a Mouse Bungee?

The device that handles your mouse wire is a mouse bungee. It can either be basic or super sophisticated. To your surprise, the use of this item is not new in the market. In the last decade of the 20th century, this device was very popular among gamers and computer users. However, it did lose its popularity with time. The last few years have again witnessed their rise and they are back in offices and on gaming desks. Now they are also more advanced and sophisticated than they were back then. It is a fact that gamers act a lot while playing games. Any disturbance can hamper their gaming performance which can be very annoying. Bungees avoid such disturbances and add to your gaming experience.

What They are Made of

You can use more than one material for making a bungee. However, the most common material is plastic. In addition to plastic, you can use silicon and metal as well. As was said above, they now feature advanced features and have futuristic shapes and designs. Moreover, they also style your gaming setup with the glowing lights they accompany.

Methods of Making Mouse Bungees

How to make your own mouse bungee is not difficult once you read this article and the ideas mentioned in it. Let’s discuss in detail how you can make mouse bungees at home.

1: Cable Tie Method

The cable tie method is the fastest and easiest way of converting an ordinary mouse into a mouse bungee. You can also DIY it with zip ties. The whole process will not take more than 20 minutes and is user-friendly. What you need is a clothespin. After taping it to your desk, pass the mouse cable through the clothes peg. You can easily follow this method. You can also use an old CD tape to make a mouse bungee.

2: Cardboard Mouse Bungee

Crafting a DIY bungee requires a lot of creativity. You can make one without following existing methods. For a cardboard bungee, you need a pencil, a ruler, scissors, cardboard, and a few other things. Since this method is very simple, it will not take more than 30 minutes to make this. An additional benefit of using cardboard is that it moves freely on desks and gives you feelings of ease and comfort.

3: DIY Mouse Bungee

Another easy way of creating it at home is by using items you have. The main idea of this method is to suspend the mouse wire so that it could not tangle up when you are about to shoot some narcos or interfere when you play games. For its making, you can use a small speaker, and some duct tape. It is way cheaper than purchasing a mouse bungee. Get an item that has perfect height, do attach the mouse wire to it with duct tape, and you have successfully made your mouse bungee.

4: DIY Budget Mouse Bungee

Like other devices, this mouse bungee is also budget-friendly. For making, you need cable clips that you can purchase from online stores at cheap rates. The making process involves around attaching the cable clips to the back of your desktop or any other place you see right. The main idea behind this process is that the mouse wire suspends. To get maximum experience, check out best mouse bungee for your pc.

5: DIY Mouse Bungee 2.0

The DIY bungee 2 can easily fit onto your gaming desk and does not look peculiar. Further, it is also very easy to make it. What you need for this are tools and materials such as a hot glue gun refill, glue, paper tape, and other supplies. This type of mouse bungee has a circle shape and a pointy rubber lies at the top. The cable passes through the rubber and gives you an excellent gaming experience. This is very simple and easy to make. That is why it is one of the most recommended mouse bungees that you can make at home.

6: $2 Mouse Bungee

By just spending $2, you can make your own mouse bungee. For this, what you will need are a tape and a pair of scissors. If your current PC setup allows, you can follow this process. All you are to do is to take the mouse wire to the back of your desktop and tape it there so that it cannot touch the desk. Although it is easy to do this, it may not work for everyone.

7: How to Make $1 Mouse Bungee

For this process, what you need are a metal cutting saw, a bar spring, a file, a measuring tape, a pair of pliers, and few other things. The whole process is very easy and simple and will not take much time.

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