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How to maintain a comfortable room temperature at home in the summer?

Do you have an uncomfortably high room temperature at home during the annual summer heat spells? We will advise you on how to get the situation under control and be pleasantly cool at home this summer. We will start with the simplest solutions and proceed to the most complex ones.

Cover the windows

The most affordable solution is simply to cover the windows. The best way to avoid direct sunlight entering your living room is to put up quality shading curtains or blinds. They also prevent heat from radiating further into the room. Where to look for them? At FAVI you will find a large selection of shading curtains and other interior accessories.

Learn to ventilate the right way

Do you also leave the windows wide open all day during the summer heatwaves? This way of fighting the heat will not be very successful. If the outdoor temperatures reach forty degrees, ventilation will only bring the same temperature to your home.

During the hottest months, vent the house overnight when the temperature drops below 20 degrees. Cooling the interior of your home has never been easier. Close and shake the windows immediately after waking up. Pleasant temperatures will be maintained at your home until the evening. Ventilate during summer days only after rain.

Outdoor shading of the interior is even more effective

This solution is a bit more complex, but it is also very effective. Outdoor shading of the sun rays, in which the rays do penetrate the home, is even better than the indoor shading of the interior.

If the sun cannot penetrate the window panes at all, the windows do not turn the interior into a greenhouse. Bypassing through window panes, the sunlight gains in intensity.

It is an investment in the amount of tens of thousands of crowns, which, however, you will not regret if the summer heat bothers you.

Use of air conditioning

A relatively expensive but reliable solution to the problem of ventilation is air conditioning. With its help, you can easily reach the desired temperature at home. However, you must prepare for higher electricity bills. Cooling the air with air conditioning is not a cheap affair at all. But if you cannot use the other methods for some reason, air conditioning is a sure bet.

Thermal insulation of the building and its roof

This is the biggest investment of all the mentioned options, but it will also help a lot. Not only in the summer but almost all year round. In addition to helping you keep your property comfortable in the summer, facade and roof insulation will also help you reduce your heating costs in the winter – by tens of percent.

In addition, it is property improvement welcomed by the state and there is a relatively high chance that you will receive a subsidy for a large part of your investment. The investment will pay off even faster.

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