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How to Lower Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions are our planet. Little by little, greenhouse gases are precipitating global warming and climate change. As a result, businesses worldwide are searching for different ways to lower their emissions in a way that is both good for the environment and their bottom line. 

Here, we cover the main sources of carbon emissions in industrial settings, why reducing industrial emissions is important, why data is the key to doing so, and how the right energy management software can help your business reach its goals.

Primary Sources of Carbon Emissions in Industrial Settings

In industrial settings, the primary sources of carbon emissions are:

  • Fossil Fuel Combustion: The biggest source of carbon emissions in most industries is the combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas, and oil. These fuels are used for energy production, powering machinery, heating, and generating electricity.
  • Manufacturing Processes: Many manufacturing processes inherently produce carbon emissions, either directly or indirectly, through their energy consumption.
  • Energy Consumption: Industrial operations require large amounts of energy, often sourced from coal-fired power plants or diesel generators, which emit large quantities of carbon dioxide.
  • Waste Management: The treatment and disposal of industrial waste, including incineration, can create emissions. Methane, a potent GHG, can also be emitted through the decomposition of organic waste in industrial waste management facilities.
  • Transportation: Moving materials, products, and waste from point A to point B with trucks, ships, and other vehicles burns fossil fuels.
  • Use of Raw Materials: Extracting, refining, and processing raw materials into usable forms contributes to carbon emissions.

The Importance of Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions

Now let’s get into the different reasons why industrial businesses need to lower their carbon output:

  1. Environmental Impact: Industrial businesses are some of the biggest carbon emitters. By curbing these emissions, industrial operations can help mitigate the repercussions of climate change.
  2. Regulatory Compliance and Financial Risks: Governments worldwide are implementing regulations on carbon emissions to combat climate change. In Ontario, the Emissions Performance Standards (EPS) program sets emissions limits that industrial facilities must meet. Non-compliance can lead to fines and penalties.
  3. Market Competitiveness and Reputation: Consumers and businesses are favouring companies with strong environmental credentials; those that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability can bolster their brand reputation, attract environmentally conscious customers, and increase their competitive edge.
  4. Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings: Implementing measures to use less energy and reduce carbon emissions often increases energy efficiency. The savings from reduced energy consumption offset the initial investment costs and save money in the long term. 
  5. Access to Incentives: Many governments offer financial incentives to industrial businesses that take steps to reduce their carbon footprint. In Ontario, you can receive an exemption from the federal fuel charge.
  6. Future-Proofing the Business: As we rely more on renewable energy, businesses that have already taken steps to reduce their emissions will be better positioned to adapt to future regulations and market demands. 

The Importance of Data-Driven Energy Management

Becoming an energy-efficient business comes down to your company’s ability to collect and analyze real-time data. Advanced systems that provide detailed insights into your energy consumption enable you to pinpoint areas where inefficiencies are occurring and be precise about how you reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

When you have the right information, you can implement solutions tailored to your needs and save time and money. 

Advanced Energy Management Software: The Power of Insight


Edgecom Energy’s all-in-one energy management software is a premier energy management solution. Here are three of the tools our platform offers that can help you lower carbon emissions:

AI Energy CoPilot

AI Energy CoPilot is an AI personal assistant tool that integrates with your systems to monitor and optimize energy usage. Ask the AI assistant questions about your energy usage and costs and it will answer you with real-time insights. This makes for quicker, more accurate, and more informed energy management decisions. 


dataTrack™ is a tool that monitors energy metrics across your operation and provides detailed and actionable insights. It tracks real-time energy usage and allows you to identify inefficiencies or areas of excessive energy consumption and make targeted adjustments.


Energy costs fluctuate throughout the day based on demand. These fluctuations lead to “peak hours,” when energy demand is at its highest. During these times, energy prices surge due to the increased strain on the power grid. These peak hours can lead to substantially higher energy costs for industrial operations.

pTrack® allows you to ‘track’ these peak times and plan your operations accordingly. For example, you can schedule energy-intensive processes for times of the day when energy costs are lower, thereby avoiding the high costs associated with peak periods.

Doing it also helps flatten the demand curve on the grid, which can contribute to overall energy stability in the region. During peak times, less demand on the grid can decrease the need for utilities to activate additional, often less efficient power sources, which typically emit more carbon.

Edgecom Energy – Take Control of Your Energy Management

Using advanced energy management technology is the most effective way to reduce emissions and cut energy-related costs in industrial settings. Integrating systems like AI Energy CoPilot, dataTrack™, and pTrack® transforms your energy management practices for the better in the short and long term.

At Edgecom Energy, we make leveraging Software, AI, and real-time data insights easy for industrial sector businesses. We believe there is power in insight, and we give you the tools you need to optimize your business operations. Contact us today and set up a demo—see the difference our platform can make for yourself!

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