How to lock screen on Samsung tablet

Screen lock security is the best protection for your device and your documents on your device. By screen lock, you can save your device from unauthorized use. The best way to prevent your device from unknown users from accessing your device and using the information stored in your device for a wrongful purpose. 

The Android devices have a variety of features to lock the screen. You have to choose the right lock to secure your device from hackers and make your tablet less susceptible to illegal users. The screen lock features secure the information stored in the tablet and skip the obstacles to the privacy of the device.

There is a variety of screen locks offered by Samsung. You can swipe your screen to unlock it, or if you don’t want an easy unlock, you can choose the other options available like PIN, Password, or Pattern lock. There are more screen lock features, such as face lock and voice lock. Below is the detail by Tablets Wiki about how to lock the screen of a Samsung tablet with different lock features.

How to set a PIN in your Samsung tablet

PIN or personal identification number lock is the second most safe and the most common method to lock the screen of your tablet. The PIN also works as the backup for less secure screen lock features. PIN code contains numeric-only through 0 to 9 and is a code of about 4 to 16 numbers. Select PIN from the lock list. Follow these steps to set a PIN:

  1. Open the setting and go to the security option. And click on the screen lock. 
  2. Select the PIN option.
  3. Type 4-16 digits PIN and click on the continue button.
  4. Retype the PIN for confirmation and then tap on OK.
  5. Now your tablet is locked. Next time you turn on your tablet, you have to type the PIN to access your device.
  6. If you want to disable the PIN, then reset the security level.

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How to set a password on a Samsung tablet

The password lock is the most secure one lock, and that’s why it is difficult to set a full-on password on your Samsung tablet. Password has not only numbers like PIN, but it also contains symbols, numbers, and alphabets (upper and lower case). Below here are steps to assign a password to your Samsung tablet:

  1. Open the setting and then go to the security, select the screen lock option there.
  2. Select the password option from the screen lock.
  3. Type a password that should be a minimum of four characters long, not less than 4, but you can type a longer password that is more secure than a small password.
  4. Retype the password and click on the OK button. Now your password is assigned.
  5. No, you have to type whenever you wake up your tablet or want to change the password.

How to set Pattern in Samsung tablet

To set a pattern, you have to follow the steps described above, and rather than a PIN or Password, select the Pattern option and draw Pattern. Redraw the Pattern for confirmation. Now your device is locked by Pattern.

How to deactivate or remove the screen lock

Setting a screen lock is suitable for your device, but sometimes people get irritated by unlocking the device while looking for some data or reading something. So you want to remove the screen lock. Deactivating the screen lock is very easy. You have to follow the steps below:

  1. First, open the menu, then the setting, and go to the security option
  2. From the security option, select the screen lock
  3. Now enter the lock you have set before, a PIN, Pattern, Password
  4. After that, tap on the back option and tap on the none option. In this way, your device will be unlocked. 


Screen lock helps your device be secure from unauthorized users and misuse of the information stored in your device. Screen lock prevents your data and information. In this post, I have given the information about how to lock the screen of a Samsung tablet by different features. Hope you will find this article useful. 

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