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How to learn English at home today?

Surely you have already gotten enough information about the importance of being able to master the English language. But: Are you a student, a worker or are you already retired? Well, in truth this does not matter, it has nothing to do with age, sex, profession or anything like that, just having the will and determination to learn a new language like English, which is considered the universal language throughout the world, especially in relation to work and global trade.

For ordinary people like us, learning another language may seem like a very complex task. Currently, with the advancement of technologies for online learning and the rise of tools such as artificial intelligence, they have complemented each other to create a more real and practical option when deciding to learn English.

In this article, we will try to help you in planning and guide you with some tools that could help you get started in this wonderful and important challenge, such as learning the English language.

Reasons to learn English from home

If you speak the so-called broken English, you should aim to improve your level with simple exercises and tools that you can have at your fingertips. Below, I leave you several tips for you to put into practice and start your daily training to learn the language.

Gradually create your own vocabulary dictionary

One of the first actions is to create a vocabulary that expands the number of words daily, usually, when starting with the first conversations in English, it is common to use a very small number of words that lack precision and are incorrect.

Such is the case of Carolina, who tells of her experience with the deficiency when speaking English: «When traveling to another country where the language is English, I could carry on one or another simple conversation, I used very repetitive words, often leaving the sentences with errors. grammar and syntax, the result was that they understood me moderately, but it was not the best way to communicate.

If you get into the habit of adding the words you find to your personal dictionary on a daily basis, there will come a time when your vocabulary will gradually increase and you will sequentially improve your performance in learning the language.

Use flyers with the new words

A very practical way to improve your vocabulary is by placing flash notes in various areas where you live, to memorize and internalize new words.

If you place reminders of new words in your sleeping room, you will not easily forget them, because it is common that if you hear a word that you do not know and you do not write it down 99% of the time you will not remember it later.

This way you create, if possible, in various areas of your home, words alluding to the environment where it is located, for example: If you are in the kitchen, you can leave flyers in some strategic places in it, that have to do with it.

Translate and learn lyrics from favorite songs

This reason will be one of the ones that you will like the most, try to translate your favorite songs that you have in English and then repeat the verses in English and interspersed in Spanish, over time, if you are persistent with that goal, you will be able to sing in a way Complete that favorite song that you have liked so much for years, learning them and obtaining that strong incentive that you require to achieve the goal you set for yourself.

After reading the lyrics and listening to them several times, all that remains is to practice in the car, in the shower, in the elevator, at home, in the gym, etc.

Watch series and movies in original version

Another highly advisable method for lovers of movies and television series or platforms such as Netflix or similar, is to combine what is useful with what is pleasant, watching movies, series, programs, news, among others.

Sitting down and watching movies in English or following the best series in English doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is very instructive. With this method you will be able to gradually accustom your ear to the English language, words and expressions.

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a means of language learning

Without a doubt, AI has come to revolutionize the way of learning in general and in the case of languages, it is one of the many things that benefited. Learn Languages Online with AI, has never been easier and according to trends, its influence on people’s learning will be even greater in the coming years.

In this year of 2023, this digital tool has been growing exponentially, where there are outstanding online platforms, where you can practice and learn at any time and day of the 365 days of the year.

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