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How to Launch your OTT Platform: A Detailed Guide

Have you ever wondered why Netflix is such a popular video streaming platform? It’s because of its easy access to an extremely rich and exclusive content library coupled with a stunning UI for keeping viewers hooked to the platform.

Want to launch your white-labeled OTT platform just like Netflix? It’s now possible, with just a few clicks! With the development of our Zero-coding fully-featured OTT platform, content creators, broadcasters and media distributors can now launch their multi-screen video/audio streaming services on their own at cost-effective pricing.

So, are you ready to jump on the OTT bandwagon? In this blog, we are going to talk about how to launch a professional own-branded OTT platform in 7 simple steps with zero coding knowledge.

 How to Launch your OTT Platform: Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the steps you need to follow for launching your OTT platform:

#1. Sign up to Create your Video/Audio Streaming Website

First of all, you should Sign up with a professional OTT platform provider by submitting all the necessary details including your Name, Company Name, and Mobile Number to deploy your OTT streaming website.

Once the account setup is done, your Muvi account will be created within no time and you can preview your website instantly. Absolutely no coding required!

You would require a professional online video platform like Muvi to help promote your brand name, and market and monetize your content. Features like white-label video streaming service, adaptive bitrate streaming, bulk upload,VoD, cloud transcoding, DRM, etc. are features only an enterprise-grade OVP will give you.

#2 Upgrade with your Favorite Monthly Plan

Muvi offers competitive pricing policies with respect to your OTT platform requirements.  You can choose your favorite monthly plan from Muvi Standard, Muvi Professional, or Muvi Enterprise depending on the integrations and customizations you want. Apart from the above, if you are looking for premium consulting services that involve project management and proactive monitoring, we recommend – the Muvi Ultimate package (a custom-made plan for the privileged customers).

4. Select a Template for the Website

The next step toward launching your OTT platform is selecting the ideal template from your OTT platform provider. At Muvi, we have a stunning repertoire, making the job easier for you.

 After selecting the template, you can preview it and, if it suits your aesthetic sense, you can deploy it for your VoD website. After you have chosen the template, you can add your logo, images, titles, etc. for personalization.

Want to customize your website? With the help of our advanced visual designer, you can easily incorporate endless customizations into the front-end and improve the UI of your website. The best part- you could do all of this without using a single line of code!

5. Upload Videos

After finalizing your website template, it’s time to upload your audio/video content. You can do this by simply clicking on the “Add Content” button on your Muvi Dashboard and submitting basic information like Content Name, Content Category, Description, Release date, and other details to initiate the uploading process.

We recommend adding exclusive and original content, which is not available on any other streaming platform, to keep your viewers busy.

6. Monetize Videos

Just uploading content to launch your OTT platform is not enough- you would have to monetize your videos for earning revenue. Using Muvi’s platform you can choose from a range of content monetization models like SVoD, TVoD, or AVoD. You could also take advantage of donation monetization or coupons.

7. Go Live!

It’s officially time to go live! All the above-mentioned steps can be executed in less than an hour and your dream of launching a video-on-demand platform will come true.

Wrapping Up,

Hope this blog was able to educate you on building your OTT platform from scratch. If you are planning to launch a multi-device OTT streaming platform but are still on the fence about deciding which video streaming service provider should you choose, we would urge you to consider Muvi.  

We’d love to set you up for a 14-Day Free Trial to take advantage of our feature-rich OTT platform!

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