How to Keep Your Text Messages Safe From Hackers 

Keep Your Text Messages Safe

Hacking and other forms of cybercrime are on a constant rise, and this makes the task of keeping your social media accounts safe all the more important. If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “how to check my girlfriend’s text message for free?” and you’ve found a way to do so, this is a sign that she needs to strengthen her social media privacy. This should also serve as an important lesson for you to make your own social media accounts safe. 

Are you wondering how you can keep your text messages and important data safe? If your answer is yes, this article is for you. We dive into five key steps that you must ensure that keep hackers away from the text messages and other data on your smartphone. 

5 Ways to Keep Prevent Hackers from Reading Your Text Messages 

Set up a Strong Password on Your Phone

Strong Password 

The first line of defense to keep any device safe is to set up a strong password on it. Whether it’s your fingerprint or passcode, always ensure that it’s enabled. This can go a long way in preventing someone from simply accessing all your text messages or any other important data. Your password must not be as simple as your birthday, your partner or spouse’s birthday, or any other easy-to-crack combination. The ideal password must be – 

  • A combination of upper and lower case characters 
  • Alphanumeric to make it more complicated to crack
  • It is changed every three months to ensure consistent safety. 

Another important thing to note is that you should never share your phone’s password with anyone you don’t trust. It’s very common for people to share their passcodes with their friends, but this can often have devastating consequences if these friends don’t have the right intentions. 

Use a Password Manager 

While using strong passwords is key for all your applications and accounts, and not just your phone, remembering them can be a hassle. This is especially true if you diligently keep changing them every three to four months. The solution to this problem can be to use a password manager. A password manager generates passwords that are impossible to crack for all your accounts and profiles, without you having to remember them yourself. 

This is a great way of keeping your device safe without having to deal with the burden of remembering passwords. 

Install Antivirus Software on Your Device 

Antivirus software has become common across all forms of devices, from computers and laptops to tablets and phones. And the reasons for its popularity are not unknown. Antivirus software is a great way of keeping your devices safe from viruses or other forms of infectious software that can be used to hack your device and gain access to your text messages or other sensitive information. 

They also run routine scans to detect and eliminate any viruses that might have found their way onto your devices in an attempt to compromise all your data. A good antivirus program that you can consider is Avast

Use a VPN When Browsing Using Public WiFi Networks

WiFi Networks VPN 

One way in which hackers easily make their way into someone’s device is when unsuspecting people use public WiFi networks without realizing the risks associated with them. However, there is a simple solution to the problem that can keep you safe in the event that you need to rely on such a network. This is through the use of a VPN. A VPN essentially creates a protected network for you to use and transmit data. This can go a long way in keeping your phone or laptop safe from hackers who might try using open networks to steal people’s data or read their text messages. 

Make Use of An Anti-Malware Program 

Just like an antivirus program, an anti-malware program goes a long way in protecting your phone from malicious programs like malware or spy apps that can easily give a hacker access to all the information stored on your phone. They work in three major stages – they detect any form of malware on your device, completely remove it, and also repair any damage it may have done to your devcie. As a result, this is a comprehensive solution to keep your device safe at all times. 

In Conclusion

As you already know, a hacker who gets access to your text messages or any other sensitive information can leave you in a very sticky and vulnerable situation. There are various ways in which someone can access your data without your consent, such as by installing malware on your device or using phone tracking apps. Phone tracking apps can access all kinds of data from your device, such as calls, texts, social media chats, GPS locations, key logs, and more, as shown by the research conducted by

As a result, it’s crucial that you make every effort to keep your phone safe from such malicious programs, and this guide has listed five effective ways in which you can do so. 

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