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How to Keep Your Plated Jewelry New for Decades

Semi-precious jewelry is not only a cherished keep’s sake but also a beautiful accessory that brings out elegance in your personality. Although these tiny trinkets look amazing, if you don’t take care, it can easily loose its luster and value. In this article we will tell you fool proof ways that that will keep your plated jewelry good as new for years.  Follow these tips and keep all your jewelry in brand new condition.

What causes gold plated jewelry to tarnish?

Gold plated jewelry is known for its affordability and beauty. The material is used to craft alluring name necklaces, bracelet, and many other types of jewelry items. Even though the material looks premium, it can lose its luster and quality over time. The process of tarnish doubles if you don’t take good care of your jewelry item and follow the necessary regimen.

Tarnish begins affecting the jewelry piece when its metal starts reacting to chemicals like Sulphur and oxygen. The base material like silver is especially prone to dreaded tarnishing when exposed to Sulphur.

Tips on avoiding Tarnish:

Take off your jewelry before sleeping:

Always take off your jewelry before going to bed as it can drastically increase the life of each jewelry piece. When you sleep with your jewelry ion, the frication, body oils, sweat, and many other factors can break the plating and expose the metal underneath to oxidization.

Invest in a soft cloth:

Every time you take your jewelry piece off, make sure to clean it up gently with a soft cloth. Jewelry wiping clothes are easily available online thus giving you ample of option in terms of materials and performance. Make the habit of cleaning every gold-plated piece before keeping them in a cool and dry place. Regular cleaning can double the life of each piece.

Never wear jewelry piece when bathing or swimming

Swimming pools contain a good quantity of chlorine- a chemical that has the ability to tarnish your jewelry piece on the fastest pace. The same rule applies to bathing as well. Before hopping into shower take off all your gold-plated jewelry keep it in a dry place and only wear them back when your skin is completely dried. Even this slightest hint of moisture can take away the luster.

Keep your gold plating jewelry away from cosmetics, lotions, and perfumes:

Always apply makeup and personal care product first and the wear you seem precious jewelry piece. You skin is not just the largest organ but also the fast absorber of everything that comes into contact with it. On the other hand, if your jewelry piece is exposed to these chemicals long enough, the shine can fade away quickly.  The plating is a thin layer that covers the base metal of the jewelry piece so if you keep spraying perfumes over it, it can lose the shine while exposing the metal to permanent damage.

Keep the jewelry in a plastic bag:

Using plastic bags to store your gold-plated jewelry is a perfect idea for all those who want to increase the shelf life of their jewelry items. Before placing it inside, make sure that the items are dried and buffed with a microfiber so that it can doesn’t get tarnished during storage. You can also keep a silica packet in the plastic bag as it can absorb the additional moisture. According to the expert’s gold, sterling silver, and rose gold plated items are good to use for over 10 years if kept in a plastic bag.

Create DIY solution for cleaning the jewelry:

There are a number of DIY solutions that gently cleanse your jewelry piece from debris and dirt without affecting the integrity. Although there are many store-bought options available, we still recommend going for the ones created at home. For instance, using mild baby shampoo mixed in luxe warm water can bring back shine and luster in your jewelry pieces without promoting tarnish.

 Frequently Asked questions:

How long does plated jewelry last?

The average life of a gold-plated jewelry depends on its material and plating quality. The premium plating can last over 10 years but if you properly care for each piece, your jewelry can last even longer than the span.  Keep in mind that the gold plating jewelry can also be replaced with another plating.

What is the thickness of gold plating?

The thickness of gold name necklace depends on a number of factors including cost, quality, and application method. On average the thickness varies between 0.05 microns to 0.5 microns. Thicker plating not only make the jewelry piece longer lasting but also more valuable and shinier.

Can you reapply the plating?

Although reapplication of gold or sterling silver plating seems like a daunting task, it can still happen. You can take any tarnished jewelry piece to the jeweler and after a few short processes, your jewelry pieces can easily be plated again. To keep yourself away from hassle, we advise taking care of each jewelry piece and ensuring through care for lasting use.

Final Words:

Gold plating jewelry are trending these days because it is not only alluring but also cheaper than the jewelry piece created from precious  materials. Here, we have discussed ways through which you can drastically increase the shelf life of each gold-plated jewelry item you own and keep them shiny without any sign of tarnishing.



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