How to Keep Your Home Smelling Good At All Times

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Have you ever experienced a smell that simply wouldn’t go away, linger, or fade? Let’s talk about some things you may do to freshen up the air in your house today. There are easy ways to make your house smell more inviting and less like you need to ask, “What is that stench?”

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Without further ado, let’s see how you can always keep your home smelling good.

1- Follow A Cleaning Routine

When you clean on a regular basis, you prevent dirt, filth, and unpleasant odours from building up. A pleasant and neat home starts with a clean kitchen and bathroom, so make sure you do the dishes, fold the clothes, clear the clutter, mop the floors, etc.

By following a cleaning routine, not only your home will look tip top at all times, but smell great without having to worry about welcoming any sudden visitors or guests!

2- Get Rid of the Garbage

Make a habit of throwing away garbage daily. Set a time to get rid of garbage, either after supper or before going to bed. You can also throw it away once you are done cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes. This prevents the garbage can from developing odours inside and keeps the cooking area smelling pleasant.

3- Refresh Your Home With Common Pantry Items

You probably already have these items in your pantry, so make a note of them for the next time you need to get rid of a lingering stench. Furthermore, the stink will be eliminated without the use of any synthetic chemicals or deodorizers. Here is a list of them:

● White vinegar

● Baking soda

● Essential oils

● Water, lemon, salt, and dish soap mixture

● Air fresheners

4- Use Scented Candles

Using scented candles is a great way to liven up your homes, especially the living area where everyone spends most of their time together. Try to choose candles that don’t use any artificial colours or dyes and get their aroma from all-natural sources. In this way, you will be inhaling only positive vibes and your home will thank you later!

5- Create a DIY Refreshing Spray

Creating a do-it-yourself refreshing spray will not only keep germs at bay but all the smelly odours will be gone for some time. The main ingredients to use in creating a DIY spray are:

● ½ cup water

● A few drops of lemon essential oil

● A few drops of your favourite essential oil, like lavender or jasmine.

● ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol


Using the above simple techniques will save your home from smelling bad. You can also hire a clean company Dubai to do a professional and thorough job for you. With your home smelling good mostly, whoever comes in your home will surely fall in love with the place. So do try these easy tricks right now!

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