How To Keep Your Car Looking Like New With The Nano Ceramic Coating

For intensive paint care, a professional nano coating pays off – notably when the automobile is still nearly as good as new after several years. The new car’s bright and vivid appearance is kept thanks to the nano-sealed paint. The nanotechnology eliminates minor scratches and flaws in the paint, giving it a more premium look. The nano layer has an impact on the windshield and rims as well. They shine, hardly accept dirt and give the vehicle a well-groomed touch – without cumbersome and tedious car care.

How long does our Netanya nano coating last on the car?

The lifespan of a professional nano coating for car glasses or bodywork is one to two years. This means that it lasts far longer than typical paint-protective measures such as waxing and sealing in the vehicle wash. The nano coating, we use at Shem-Tov Detailing Netanya for motorhomes and automobiles is intended to endure. The length of time the complete protection lasts also depends on external factors such as weather conditions and motorhome or automobile storage facilities. If a car is well-protected in a garage or carport, the nano coating will last longer as well.

How does the nano coating of car paint work?

The professional nano coating we use at ShemTov Detailing Netanya for the car provides lasting protection from a single source. All steps are taken by an experienced team, only high quality and proven products are used. The nano coating for car paint runs as follows:

– Carefully cleaning and polishing car paint, car glass and rims.

– Application of the sealant

– Curing of the concerned surfaces (paint, plastic, glass, rims)

We don’t recommend applying a nano coating yourself. You will need our professional experience in cleaning paintwork. If you still want to seal the vehicle yourself, we recommend using a conventional car wax – even if it does not have the same protective effect and durability as a professional nano coating for the car.

The advantages of the nano ceramic coating

  • Lotose effect 

Water rolls off the car body easily. Visibility in inclement weather is considerably better after a nano coating of the car window. The beading effect makes it more difficult for dirt, resins, and grease to stick.

  • Well-maintained look

The nano coating we use at Shem-Tov Detailing Netanya for car windows and paints remove the appearance of tiny scratches. The car appears to be cleaner and younger after a professional nancoating. The new appearance lasts a long time due to the high-quality application of the sealant and beading effect.

  • Protective effect

The nano coating protects the paint from the weather and from damage caused by dirt. The nano effect thus delays the “natural aging process” of cars and campers

Why should you get ShemTov Detailing Netanya professional nano coating on your car ?

Every vehicle paint is affected by light and weather. As a result, the automobile sector has implemented preventative measures, and every new vehicle now receives a second transparent layer of paint, regardless of whether it’s made of plastic or metal. But over time, the car’s paint and plastics become dull and the color loses intensity. The tedious wax polishing was considered the ideal car care for a long time. To preserve the car’s protection, it had to be polished and waxed multiple times a year. Car glass and rims were not able to take advantage of preventive vehicle maintenance. Only severe cleaners could remove the encrusted dirt from the surface of the car. With the nano-coating car paint, car care becomes not only easier and more time-saving, but also more effective and long-lasting. The investment in a nano coating pays off quickly. This method eliminates toxins from the water while reducing expenses by eliminating the need for costly and aggressive specialized cleaners. Costs are saved while at the same time pollution is reduced. Water is conserved without wasting. With nanotechnology in automobiles and car glasses, the automobile maintenance industry is entering a new era. Car care takes less time now because of the nano coating on the automobile, which is more convincing than ordinary car care products. A professionally nano-sealed vehicle paint will retain its beauty for years.

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