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How to Join a Podcast as a Guest

Podcast guesting may be one of the best methods for expanding your clientele and business.


There are countless podcasts in your niche that already have listeners, regardless of the focus of your brand or company. Additionally, if you can benefit those listeners by appearing as a guest on those podcasts, you may grow your Audience and brand while having fun.

Take it from Shane Sams, co-founder of Flipped Lifestyle, which he manages with Jocelyn. Their firm has flourished due to the contacts they’ve made, the listeners they’ve attracted, and the chances they’ve discovered by making an effort to guest on at least two podcasts a week.

In his session at SPI’s Audience Driven Summit in October 2021, Shane outlines his approach to being a guest on a podcast and using guest podcasting to improve your brand.

In this article, I’ll outline Shane’s three tips for getting yourself a regular spot as a guest on podcasts in your specialized field. You’ll discover how to ask to be on a podcast, how to find podcasts that match your interests, and how to conduct a successful guest podcast interview.

Step 1: Look for podcasts to appear on as a guest

There are many podcasts where you can appear as a guest and several ways to identify the ideal ones.

Contact others

We’ll get to that in a moment, but doing some online research is a terrific approach to locating podcasters to connect with.

Making a personal connection, ideally in person, is the best approach to appearing on other people’s shows. Because it’s far simpler to get on someone’s show and begin forging a long-lasting friendship if you can meet someone in person, shake their hand, and have a chat.

The most excellent option is to attend live events, particularly those catering to podcasters like Podcast Movement and Podfest. Additionally, best usb microphone for podcasting, dozens, if not hundreds, of podcasters congregate at events like Fincon and Social Media Marketing World.

Since flying is not always convenient and COVID has some challenges, watch for podcasters-only virtual gatherings.

Thankfully, there are other places to look for guest podcasting possibilities besides gatherings. Let’s look at some research techniques you can do in the convenience of your home office!

Create an “80/20 list” of potential podcast guests.

Make a list of all the podcasts you wish to be on in the first phase. You should split these in an 80/20 ratio: 80 percent of the podcasts should be smaller ones with a sizable Audience but perhaps less access to the more prominent guests.

Your fantasy podcasts, the ones that make you wonder whether you could ever be a part of them, should make up the remaining 20%. But it would be nice.

How do you begin constructing your 80/20 list? Apple Podcasts and other podcast directories like Spotify and Google Podcasts should be your first stop. Look at the category for your show and make a list of the top 100 podcasts in it.

Look elsewhere for appropriate podcasts.

Another clever tip for finding podcasts to be on as a guest: Go to your podcast in your podcast app and scroll down to the part that lists the other podcasts that people who listen to your show also enjoy. These programs can also make excellent targets.

Even on Facebook, you may find communities where people are looking for podcast guests. Additionally, resources like Podcast Hawk and PodMatch help podcasters get in touch with possible guests.

Think outside the box (but not too far)

You don’t have to limit yourself to one type of show while looking for podcasts to appear on; consider other audiences as well. Look in those podcasting categories if your organization specializes in email marketing but also focuses on work-life balance and parenting.

You don’t want to reach out to any podcast, so make sure the audiences of the podcasts you’re thinking of targeting are sufficiently similar. A podcast about pet care might not be ideal if your brand is all about space.

Your target podcasts don’t need to be an exact match. However, they ought to be close.

If you follow the steps above, you’ll have a list of several hundred podcasts with comparable (enough) listeners you can contact.

Step 2: Prepare Your Outreach Emails 

Email is the most effective approach to start contacting podcasts once you have a list of them to target.

Here, you need to muster some confidence and overcome your shyness. If you don’t ask, you won’t get it, so make an effort to introduce yourself, explain why you want to appear on their program, and outline what you can offer them and their Audience.

Your outreach email needs to persuade them that you’re a valuable guest who will add value to their Audience.

Here’s a sample email you can use

Develop a relationship

Your podcast guest outreach email should begin with a statement about a possible connection you may have with the recipient. You might have retweeted them, listened to their podcast, or shared a friend.

So that you can establish a rapport right immediately, start your email with that.

Pose the query

Your email’s second line should outline your motivation for composing it in the first place. Inquire about appearing on their show!

This can be as simple as asking for podcast guests: “I was wondering, are you searching for guests? I would adore assisting your viewers.

Give some subject suggestions.

Then, let them know what you can discuss and how valuable you will be. Provide three or four subjects that are related to the content they create. This is crucial. Listen to one or two of their episodes to see what they’re producing. You might need to conduct some research on this.

Display your worth

Next, don’t be scared to modestly brag about yourself (without making it all about you). Tell them why having you on the show will be beneficial to them. List any guest podcast appearances you’ve already made or any other media appearances you’ve had.

To promote it, offer

Then, please explain how you can contribute to the episodes and their podcast’s overall success. Best software for sales funnel, Do you have a sizable Facebook fanbase? Extensive email list? A top-notch Twitter profile? Demonstrate your willingness to contribute to the success of the episode.

What should I do next?

Next, inquire about scheduling your presence. Do you have any paperwork to complete? Do you have access to a booking calendar? Doing this will show that you’re committed and eager to move forward.

Thank you (and offer to return the favor)

Finally, express gratitude and close. It’s important to end with the phrase, “I’d love to have you on my show.” Of course, if you have one. If their podcast complements yours, you should be pleased to introduce them to your listeners in the same way you ask them to do the same for you.

3. Be a fantastic podcast guest

Well done! You’ve used the tips above for being a podcast guest and got a spot on a beautiful show. You must now make use of this chance to the fullest. Use these suggestions if you’re unsure how to be a successful podcast guest by being a fantastic host.

Be punctual

Please don’t be late for the recording session, even though it should go without saying. Be early (or on time) so you can settle into the episode and produce something outstanding. Your host will appreciate your punctuality, and the content you provide will benefit significantly from it.

Put on a show

Could you take pleasure in it? Energize yourself for the interview. Don’t rush the interview or feel pressured to cover everything you know in the allotted 45 minutes. To be sure, tell a fantastic tale about it. One of the most acceptable methods to stick in people’s minds and spread is to be a fantastic storyteller.

Provide the host with what they request.

Remember that you are appearing on this show to enhance the host’s appearance; it is not about you. The host should enjoy that show and spread the word about it widely.

So enter with humility. Remember that someone is permitting you to speak in front of their Audience. That’s amazing.

Respond to their inquiries. Could you give them the information they seek? Don’t answer the host’s question about your biggest failure by describing your most significant accomplishment. Inform them of your face-first fall. Honor and respect them for giving you this opportunity because it is their show.

Keep your distance

Don’t forget to stay in contact! Don’t just perform for them; leave and never speak to them again. Keep in touch with them to strengthen your friendship. And keep your word; if you said you’d share the episode with your email list and on social media, do it.

Bonus Action: Request a Referral

One more piece of advice will help you and your host, at least equally.

After your appearance, inquire with them, “Have you recently appeared on any fantastic shows? one that might be seeking additional visitors? Or can you put me in touch with any of your podcasting friends? I would want to appear on other shows.

Most individuals will be pleased to put you in touch with another person who might be the host of your subsequent podcast appearance.

Open Up Podcast Guesting Opportunities

It’s worth mentioning again: your chances of appearing on someone’s show will increase the more you concentrate on forming connections and relationships, whether offline or online.

Watch Shane’s entire talk from Audience Driven on the Team SPI YouTube channel if you’re intrigued by the potential of podcasting guest appearances.

Additionally, Shane has kindly provided a comprehensive, down-to-earth overview of his complete approach to locating shows and getting himself booked as a podcast guest. Visit Flipped Lifestyle to obtain those materials without charge.


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