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How to Join a DAO: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Join a DAO: What You Need to Know

Would you like to grow your tokens? Are you looking for a way to put your crypto coins to good use? Then you might want to know how to join a DAO and take advantage of it. A DAO is a digital organization that operates through a blockchain network, where decision-making and governance are managed through a set of rules encoded in smart contracts.

A DAO is decentralized and is run by its members, who vote on proposals and decisions using a consensus mechanism based on ownership of tokens most of the time. For example, a platform called enables its participants to shape the future of the Dogecoin community by staking and investing funds. On the other hand, a social DAO like Aragon is focused on providing secure decentralized governance for organizations. In this article, we will explain how to join a crypto DAO, and see what benefits such a membership can bring to you.

Importance of Joining a DAO

Joining a DAO can provide several benefits besides growing your tokens, such as community-driven decision-making, transparency, incentives, and access to resources. As a member of a DAO, you can participate in shaping the direction of the organization. DAO members can see how it operates, where funds and tokens are allocated, and how decisions are made.

What Is a DAO

Before explaining how to find a DAO to join, let’s summarize what these entities are in the first place. A DAO can be described as a digital organization. However, what makes it different from other entities of its kind is that it runs entirely through a blockchain network? This also means that everything that happens within it is governed by a series of rules included in smart contracts.

Another important aspect of a DAO is that all its members have a role when it comes to governance and decision-making. In general, they can be thriving communities for all of those who try them. All decisions are encoded in smart contracts, meaning that it is virtually impossible to tamper with them. Of course, having a Discord or Telegram account is quite useful to discuss the course of action with other members of the organization.

Reasons to Join a DAO

There are plenty of reasons for joining a DAO. They include:

  • investment opportunities;
  • community participation;
  • governance and decision-making power;
  • and access to unique products and services.

Furthermore, it allows people to team up with each other to achieve a common goal.

Participation And Decision-Making Power

Members have direct and total control over the direction of the company and its decisions. This also means that all members get decision-making power to guide the entity. Normally, the amount of power that each member has depends on the number of assets that they have within the organization.

Other Benefits

DAO users can also enjoy access to unique objects, products, and services. Some of the most important and sought-after benefits include access to DeFi, being able to purchase NFT, being part of crowdfunding initiatives, and providing access to decentralized applications. For this reason, if you have a wallet with Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies, a DAO might be a great place to join.

Types of DAOs

When exploring how to join a DAO, people find out that there are different community-led entities with no central authority. Firstly, there are investment DAOs. These kinds of entities can invest in almost everything. However, normally, they tend to focus on cryptocurrencies and similar projects. Members who access them can obtain a profit from the investment, and the crowd decides all investment decisions and decides what their goals are.

Social and Service DAOs

Social DAOs are organizations that allow users to contribute to a social cause or similar goal, rather than making traditional investments. On the other hand, there are service DAOs, which can be used to develop and maintain a service or product. In both cases, members will get tokens for their participation in this kind of initiative. Examples of successful social DAOs include Aragon, Kleros, and MakerDAO.

Platform and Governance DAOs

The business-focused DAO platforms are business structures where control is distributed rather than hierarchical. All the participants’ investments are aimed at improving the platform in question. On a similar note, there are Governance DAOs. Here, members participate in developing and implementing governance mechanisms for other bankless DAOs. Of course, in all these kinds of examples, members also earn tokens for their participation. Some examples of this kind include Augur or MakerDAO.

Gaming and NFT DAOs

Those who love video games can also have a Decentralized Autonomous Organization option. Gaming DAOs are focused on maintaining and developing decentralized gaming platforms. Not only that, they can also participate in the creation of the game itself. Similarly, there are NFT DAOs. In this organization, members are focused on creating and trading different kinds of NFTs. Dash is a great example of successful DeFi promoted by a DAO. It is a decentralized version of digital payments platform focused on providing faster transactions than other cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin. The DAO token is DASH.

Also, when it comes to Gaming DAOs, Star Atlas is an excellent entity of this kind to take into consideration.

Factors to Consider Before Joining a DAO

Reputation and track record should be assessed when reviewing how to join a DAO, as it gives an idea about the DAO’s past performance and credibility. Additionally, the DAO should have an open communication policy and mechanisms for accountability. This includes providing members with access to important information and regular audits and reporting on financial performance.

Don’t Forget About The Governance Structure

Additionally, the governance structure should be evaluated to determine the level of participation members have in decision-making processes. It’s also essential to understand the DAO’s voting system and decide whether or not it is fair and equitable.

Steps to Join a DAO

If you already understand the benefits that come with joining a DAO and are interested in becoming a part of one, here we will detail a few key steps to make this procedure as seamless as possible.

First, in the study of the issue how to join a DAO i it is significant that all the possible members explore options and find one that coincides with their interests and goals. Cryptocurrency platforms, social media and online forums can be used to gather information.

Make Sure to Know How to Get Cryptocurrency

Some DAOs require their members to already have a certain amount of cryptocurrency to join. These assets can be purchased through exchange platforms. Once the assets have been obtained, it is necessary to have a wallet where they can be stored securely.

Later, this wallet will need to be linked to the DAO in question. Normally, the DAO itself provides instructions on how to execute this procedure. After this step, users can begin participating in the organization’s decision-making processes. In general, there can be a short lapse of time from the moment when someone decides how to find a DAO to join, until they become a full member of it.


DAOs are an exciting consequence of the crypto-revolution that has been seen during recent years. The fact that all members, regardless of the amount of crypto they hold, can have a voice in how the organization is steered can be an enticing prospect.

Moreover, DAOs come in all forms and sizes, meaning that most crypto-users will be able to find an entity of this kind that fits their needs. If you want to be much more than just a crypto-trader, join a DAO now!


How Much Cryptocurrency Do I Need to Join a DAO?

Every DAO can have different cryptocurrency requirements. For this reason, researching is essential to find an entity that matches your budget and goals.

How Do I Know If a DAO Is Legitimate?

It is advised to search for information about the DAO’s founders, the track record of the organization, and also its community engagements. Moreover, if a DAO promises massive profits, this might be a red flag.

What Are the Risks of Joining a DAO?

DAOs can suffer from market volatility or even hacking. Furthermore, there might be regulatory risks and disputes within the DAO itself. For this reason, it is a good idea to always monitor how a DAO is performing.

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