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How to increase your Website Traffic with Google Plus

Google Plus is becoming a favorite to marketers and can definitely boost your website. The above strategies will better your Google Plus marketing and drive significant traffic to your site besides helping your search engine ranking. Keep posting relevant contents and your connections and followership will grow steadily.

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1. Create Eye-Catching Posts

Google Plus enables you to customize your posts and make them more appealing to users. It has various formating features that will help to enhance the readability of your posts. Some features allows you to bold headlines, bullet key points and italicize text. This makes your text eye-catching and also resemble that of your site. As a result, users can easily see what you expect them to do.

2. Engage More on Google Plus

Google Plus provides a platform where like-minded people can engage with each other. This platform enables companies and businesses to interact with their customers.

The more you interact and engage with your fans, the higher your chances of getting more traffic. Target more people by posting valuable and compelling posts. Make your posts appealing by using the various formating features in Google Plus. For maximum engagement, post your updates at the right time. This means you need to know when most of your customers are online.

3. Join Google Plus Communities

The highly active and close-knit communities in Google Plus can bring huge traffic to your site. Some Google Plus groups have over a hundred thousand members. This means that by joining such groups, your posts will get massive exposure. Join communities that relate to your niche and post valuable posts regularly. You can also create a group for your posts. However, if you want instant traffic to your site, join existing groups.

4. Get your Content Shared by Influencers

There are big names, brands and influencers on Google Plus that can boost your site and drive significant traffic to it.Tag these influencers on your Google Plus updates to get under their radar. If they get impressed by your content, they will share it and bring you huge traffic.

5. Create Collections and Increase Followership

Google Plus collections are used to categorize and sort out similar posts. The good thing about collections is that people can follow your posts. You can get lots of followers on your collections by sharing valuable updates regularly.

Create your collections and assign your posts to the appropriate collection. Existing posts can also be categorized by moving them to the right collection.

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