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How to Increase Views on YouTube Videos

YouTube is the second biggest website on the internet right now but do you ever wonder why it is so difficult to get views on YouTube? The thing is that YouTube is a place for marketers nowadays, and almost 60% of business owners are already posting video content related to their business on YouTube! The competition on YouTube is at an all-time high, but it is still relatively quiet, and if you are efficient enough, you can make your place in the puzzle and fit in properly!

This article will discuss how to increase views on YouTube videos. So, without any further wait, keep reading to find out how to boost YouTube views on your channel.

How to Increase YouTube Views?

To increase views on your YouTube videos, you must ensure that you provide a premium experience to your audience so they relate to and engage with your channel even more. Take a look at the steps you need to follow to increase your YouTube video views.

 1. Create Engaging Videos

Engagement is the key to every YouTube channel and is what you want to do with your audience. If you want to increase your YouTube views, then you need to build an audience on your channel, and you can do that by creating attractive and engaging videos for them.

It urges them to click on every single video you post, and ultimately you get many views on your YouTube videos. This sounds cliché and is easier said than done, but it is the first step towards getting lots of YouTube views on your channel.

 2. Create YouTube Playlists

As a YouTube creator, you get an option in your YouTube channel to create different playlists on your channel. Categorize your videos and then place them in the relevant playlists so that it is easier for your audience to watch the content they are interested in.

This is how they binge-watch your YouTube videos whenever the auto-play option is on in their device. It is the easiest way to increase views on your YouTube channel because once a video and, the next one plays automatically from the same playlist on your audience’s device.

 3. Increase Watch Time

The watch time on your YouTube channel is crucial for the success and growth of your channel. This is how the YouTube algorithm finds out that you are creating compelling content for the audience, and your YouTube channel also starts showing up in search results and suggested videos.

It is important to remember that the algorithm not only helps you by giving you a post in a single video, but it also promotes entire YouTube channels. The YouTube algorithm is quite complex, but you can make it work in your favor once you increase the watch time on your YouTube channel. This is only possible when you create good quality that urges the people to complete the video and watch it till the end!

 4. Interact with your audience

You need to interact with your audience when looking forward to increasing views on your YouTube channel. Keep in your mind that YouTube is not only a video-sharing platform anymore because it is also a social networking site. There is an option on YouTube to share with the community, and it can be anything related to your life or your YouTube channel.

Create different voting polls for your audience to engage with them and increase your audience and channel engagement. As a result, views start generating automatically on your YouTube channel, and you will get to know your audience. Give it a try because doing this makes sure that the YouTube algorithm is going to give a boost to your YouTube channel.

 5. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is not only for blogs; you need to do it everywhere on the internet if you want to appear in search results. Do this by optimizing the video titles you are writing on your YouTube videos; this is how you get a boost and stand out from other people on YouTube. Focus on the descriptions and tags you are putting under your YouTube video, and ensure that you include all the essential keywords in your video.

This is how your video shows in the top search results whenever people search for content that is related to your video. Many websites available on the internet allow you to explore the trending and top keywords. You can include those keywords in your video titles and descriptions. An example of such a site is Uber Suggest.

 6. YouTube Trailer

Create a trailer for your YouTube channel, just like the movies. Collect the best shots from your YouTube channel and put all of them together in one trailer and upload it as a trailer on your YouTube channel. This gives people an idea of your channel and creates more engagement. It not only makes people more curious about what kind of videos you are making, but they also check out your YouTube channel.

 7. Thumbnails

Creating the right thumbnails for YouTube videos is an art; not everyone can do it properly. Remember that you don’t want to scam your audience by making clickbait thumbnails. It is the worst thing you can do to your YouTube channel because your audience won’t trust you and your content. Create honest and attractive thumbnails for your YouTube videos that people enjoy watching and get curious to click on your YouTube video as well.


It is no rocket science to increase views on your YouTube channel, but sometimes it can be challenging for some people. Luck works for some people, and others get a push from the algorithm. If you are getting none, keep hope and create more engaging videos for your audience.

Be honest with your work and stay as consistent as possible. Results start generating automatically soon enough, and you will get your hands on the views you have been looking for! So stay focused and keep creating.

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