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How To Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Property prices are booming in America, and now could be the time to sell your property. And, if you want to improve your property and make it stand out to investors, then the best place to start is with the front of your home. 

While you might be tempted to channel all of your efforts into the house’s interior, you must remember that it’s the exterior that will first catch the eye of interested buyers. The good news is that improving your house looks to passers-by is pretty straightforward. However, there are a few different areas you’ll need to focus on.

1. The front door

One of the first (and easiest) areas for you to focus on is your front door. The front door is a crucial feature of the exterior of your property, and, as such, it plays a big part in making the first impression. American property tycoon Barbara Corcoran says that it only takes 8 seconds for a buyer to decide if they want to buy your house or not. 

Make sure they see a newly refinished front door with well-polished metal fixtures and a fresh coat of paint in those first few seconds. A report by Zillow found that homes with charcoal or smoky to jet black doors sell for over $6,000 more than expected. Given that it only costs $100-200 for paint, it’s worth the investment. 

2. The garden

Don’t overlook your front garden because it offers you the perfect opportunity to add more character to your property. Try and stay on top of your landscaping and garden maintenance. 

Buyers appreciate a nicely landscaped yard. Dead plants, unkempt gardens, and plain yards will send potential buyers running in the opposite direction. It could be as simple as investing in new soil, rocks, shrubs, ground cover, trees, and mulch.

Neglected gardens can quickly become not only a big job to restore them to their former glory, and it’s estimated that a beautiful outside space can increase the value of your home by as much as 77%.

3. The roof

If investors see that your roof is in a mess, they can immediately count your property. Any worthwhile buyer will already know that a damaged roof can incur high costs, so don’t give them the impression that yours will give them any trouble. 

When standing out front appraising your home, consider what potential buyers might see if they notice that your roof shingles are loose or covered in debris. Then, consider what you might need to do to bring it up to scratch. It could just take a quick clean-up job, although more severe issues might warrant a replacement.

4. The windows

The windows are the eyes of the house, and keeping them in tip-top condition gives the impression that you take pride in your home. Well-maintained windows suggest that you give the interior of your property as much TLC as the outside. 

As a result, investors will want to see them sparkling. Furthermore, adding double-glazed windows and doors will help improve the value of your property while preventing temperature fluctuations that will increase your electricity bills. 

You can either wash your windows yourself or call in a window cleaner and make sure they get cleaned regularly. For an added wow factor, you could also repaint the window sills and surrounding woodwork, perhaps in an eye-catching color.

5. The lighting

Make sure you don’t forget about your lighting setup. As beautiful as your home might look after you’ve made the appropriate repairs and changes, good lighting will only make it more so. But it’s not just the look that people are after. 

Good lighting around the home’s exterior gives a greater sense of security. And it’s been found that security lights such as track lights are a great deterrent against theft and unwanted animals.   

You could also opt for solar-powered lights, wired lighting, or simple fairy lights. Combining different light sources for layered outdoor lighting is your best bet if you want to create an atmospheric and practical home exterior.

Now’s the time to sell 

According to the National Association of Realtors, the median house price in America climbed to a record high in April 2021, increasing at an annual rate of 19%. If there was ever a great time to jump on board the property boom and sell your home, this is it. 

With a few simple changes, you can achieve a more fantastic sales price — paving the way for more significant investment opportunities, better upsizing backing, or a more comfortable retirement.

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