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How to Increase Sperm Quality Naturally? By Best IVF Centre in Delhi

Blaming women only for infertility is wrong; there are many issues that are related to men as well. One of the reasons behind male infertility is poor sperm quality. Though, you can have a solution from the Best IVF Centre in Delhi, still there are many natural ways that can help you to increase your sperm quality naturally.

Dear Men,

When it comes to infertility, you need to have some patience and give more attention to your health. ‘Eat healthy and Live healthy’- you can follow this mantra to make your parenthood journey easier. Furthermore, the best IVF centers are here to assist you in every possible way.

So, let’s discuss the 5 natural ways to increase sperm quality in men.

How to Increase Sperm Quality Naturally?

There are many reasons behind poor sperm quality and it also includes- Hormonal imbalances, sporting injuries, sexually transmitted infections, Orchitis, prior surgeries, medications, Environmental causes including exposure to toxic chemicals or radiation, lifestyle factors including drinking alcohol, smoking, drug use, and obesity.

Follow the ways shared below to increase sperm quality in men naturally.

  • Eat healthy foods only

You should take foods that are rich in vitamins C and E, zinc and folic acid including fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean protein. Furthermore, Antioxidant-rich foods, such as walnuts, veggies, and fruits also help in boosting the sperm quality.

It is also suggested to take home-made foods only and avoid junk and oily foods which are harmful for health.

  • Exercise Daily

You need to change your routine. Follow ‘Early sleep and early rise’ mantra for the same- you need to take adequate sleep. You also need to include exercise to your daily routine. Regular exercise can actually boost testosterone levels and improve fertility. However, you need to avoid heavy exercise. You need to contact an IVF centre in Delhi to know more about the exercises you need to do on a daily basis.

  • Keep away yourself from polluted environment

This is especially for those who work in factories and other places where there are more chemical gasses and pollution. Try to follow safety measures as directed by your IVF doctor in Delhi. This will ultimately increase your chance to feel parenthood.

  • Quit smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol are highly injurious to your health and it can even make your parenthood journey tough. Therefore, you should say goodbye to smoking and alcohol from today onwards.

According to studies, smokers have lower sex drives and less frequent sex as compared to non-smokers. It can also decrease sexual performance in men.

  • Have a preconception checkup

Knowing the actual reason behind infertility can help you consider the right treatment. Therefore, connect to your nearest IVF centre today and ask for a preconception checkup. They will go through your medical history, health condition and genetic conditions and accordingly prescribe you the actual ways to increase sperm quality.

So, if you are a man concerned about low sperm count then you should immediately talk to your IVF doctor. Please keep in your mind a low sperm count is not directly proportional to infertility and hence you should not take too much stress. Your doctor will best guide you with how can you actually boost your sperm count naturally. If needed, they may prescribe some supplements based on your health condition and medical history. However, you should not take medications or supplements without your doctor’s advice.

Call the best IVF centre in Delhi on 88-0000-1978 or visit to make an appointment or to know more about IVF treatment in Delhi.


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