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How to Increase Brand awareness with Customized Boxes

When you launch a startup in any industry, let it be physical or online, it’s like a brain baby. You know the heights that it can reach and scale, but you have to grow it in a materialistic way to prove it to the society. There are various factors that contribute to the success of a startup.

Brand awareness is the phenomenon which means the target audience can recognize your brand with its name or image. The customers don’t necessarily need to buy your products, but they should at least know that you exist.

Brand awareness plays important role in your marketing efforts. It increases your brands authenticity and makes it trustworthy. It affects the purchasing decision of the potential customers which may come across your products.

There are multiple ways to increase the brand awareness of your brand, but the most effective method is to have a customized boxes for your products. It basically serves as a base of your marketing through other channels.

Customized packaging can help you increase the brand awareness in several ways, which can include standing out from the competition and also increasing your authenticity. Here are the major benefits of having a custom packaging.

Reach more audience

The most amazing benefit of having customized packaging is that bit can help you reach the new audience without any effort. So it can help you increase your customer pool in a relatively [passive way without any involvement.

Luxury or other products that require delicate packaging are often brought to several gatherings and event. The attendees of these events usually have the people which share similar interests. So if someone bought your product for that gathering, then there is a higher chance there might be more people that might buy such products in future.

If your products are packed in a generic packaging then it might not be easy to recognize, which brand they belong to. But if you are not using customized packaging for your products, then it is a wasted opportunity.

On the other hand, if your products have a customized packaging, then it can play a huge role in marketing. So the customers can recognize your brands products by their packaging and remember you when they make a purchase next time.

Stand out from competition

Another benefit of having a customized packaging for your brand is that it can help you stand out from the competition. if your products are placed alongside the products of your competitors, then the customers can get overwhelmed by the choices.

By having a customized and appealing packaging, you can make it easier for your customers to choose your products rather than other ones. Customers often don’t try all of the products to select one, the better a product looks, the more customers it will appeal. 


Internet has increased the opportunities available to businesses by giving more reach to the target audience. But you need to keep in mind that it gives equal opportunity to your competitors also. So you need to be different from competitors to stand out.

By having a personalized packaging, you can deliver your brands message to the target audience; it can be using recyclable materials or being economical. In any way you can tell why your brand is  superior over others.

The main benefit of it is to be as personalized as possible. You can touch the pain points of your customers. So that the customer should know that you know what issues they are facing and how you are coming forth to solve them.


Having a custom packaging can also help you protect your products from damage by using a good quality packaging. Customers are often offended if they get their products in a damaged or messy form which can affect the appearance of product.

Customized packaging designed according to the dimensions of your products can help your products retain their original texture and get delivered in an appealing way. It can boost your customers trust in your brand.

It is especially necessary for the packaging of expensive and delicate products that are prone to damage. for example if Rolex is going to deliver a watch to its customers then it has to make sure that it is delivered in a reliable way.

Premium feel

Custom packaging also gives your products a premium feel. If your product are placed on a shelf in a super store, packaged inside a custom packaging with your brands tagline on it, then the customer might be intrigued to check it out. 

It is known phenomenon in marketing that customers don’t buy products on the basis of the quality of product, they buy the products on the basis of how they perceive them. So if your products have a good appearance, then it can have a good impression on customers.

Once the customers are expressed and test your products, then you already have won half of the battle. Now the quality of value of the products packed inside can be the sole factor that can determine the purchasing decision of buyer.

So having a customized and high quality packaging g can be perceived as premium. If your premium products are packaged inside a generic packaging then it might be perceived as low quality rather than the value and quality o product being awesome.

Wrap up

Brand awareness is the most important factor that can influence the purchasing decision of a customer. If your target audience is not aware of the existence of your brand, then it can be perceived as unauthentic.

When you first launch a startup, the sole factor to focus on is the brand awareness rather than the purchase velocity. Once the brand secures its place in the industry, then all you need is to intrigue them to buy.

As the famous entrepreneurs describes that as a brand you should know what your customers need even before they feel they need it. So in short, set up the foundation correctly and then go all in on the marketing.

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