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How To Improve Your Business ProductivIty In 2022

Business ProductivIty

Improving workplace productivity is a great way to grow your business in the new year. This is because when we are more productive, we can often complete tasks to a higher standard and at a much quicker rate. As a result, you’ll notice that customer satisfaction increases dramatically. 

Despite this, there are various different factors that can limit our productivity – such as workplace distractions or overwhelming workloads. With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to improve your businesses’ productivity levels in 2022! 

Invest in new software & tech.

Many business owners believe that low-productivity levels are the fault of an unmotivated workforce – but this is often not the case. In fact, they may be working as efficiently as they can with the materials they have available to them but are inhibited by outdated software. As a result, if you want your businesses productivity levels to increase, you should consider investing in new software that can make their day to day lives more manageable. For example, you could purchase administrative software that means they no longer have to spend hours responding to emails instead of the work you actually hired them to do.

Additionally, the right software can also help you figure out where you might be going wrong in the running of your business, allowing you to make changes that let your productivity soar. For example, installing GPS tracking software in your company fleet will enable you to carefully manage and time all of your deliveries – if you find that your fleet are constantly running late, then you can implement changes to resolve this, such as hiring additional drivers.

Set employees small, daily challenges/targets.

Studies suggest that we are often more productive when we are working towards a goal. This is because it gives us something to focus on, meaning we’re less likely to get distracted by what is going in around us. It can also be an effective time-management tool, as we’re less likely to work on other projects during this time. However, while you should be keen on helping your employees reach their long-term career goals, it’s far better to set them smaller, more manageable goals or targets each day. Not only are they much more attainable, but this also helps increase employee morale as they achieve success more often. 

If you don’t want to feel too overbearing as a manager, you could also encourage your employees to set their own goals and targets. This means they won’t’ feel as stressed when things go wrong while teaching them the power of self-motivation. It also decreases the chances of them feeling as though they are in direct competition with their colleagues, as everyone is working at their own pace. 

Ensure workloads are fair and manageable.

As mentioned previously, it’s essential that you do not immediately assume that all productivity issues are the fault of the employee – especially if you’re a smaller business with an equally small workforce. In fact, low productivity levels could be caused by the fact that you’re overburdening your employees, forcing them into multitasking and burnout when doing so. Thankfully, there are various ways in which you can remedy this issue. To begin with, you could start by outsourcing specific tasks or duties so that your employees can focus on what’s important. You should also encourage your employees to speak up if they feel overwhelmed. After all, it’s far better for them to ask for certain tasks to be delegated elsewhere than for them to fall behind on deadlines or feel as though their position at your company is at risk.  

Freshen up your offices. 

While many of us have been working from home more and more often in recent years, you may already be planning your return to the office. After all, there are various benefits of reopening your doors once again – especially in regards to collaboration and employee morale. However, your office environment must be the kind of space that allows productivity to thrive. For example, low-watt institutional lighting is often a mood-killer and can leave employees feeling tired and unenthusiastic. In contrast, natural light improves productivity in the workplace by alerting their senses and promoting their body’s production of serotonin. Therefore, before you return to the office, switch up the lighting a little. Throw away those old, heavy curtains and let the sunlight in – and you’ll soon notice that employee productivity increases alongside this change. You should also ensure that your offices are clean and well-organised ahead of time, as this can again be something of a distraction otherwise. 

Help employees feel respected.

A good employer would know how to empower their employees, as empowered staff are often happier, more focused and more productive. As a result, you should ensure that you keep employees and staff happy 24/7. This doesn’t mean you have to cancel all of the boring meetings or extend deadlines indefinitely, but you should make an effort to ensure that your employees feel respected and valued in the workplace. Thankfully, there are various ways in which you can do this. For example, you could put together an employee rewards scheme, where they receive consistent recognition and rewards when they succeed. However, even small words of encouragement or a quick email thanking them at the end of a busy day can go a long way in increasing employee satisfaction. 

Finally, you should also ensure that your employees are appropriately compensated for their time and effort. While you may not be able to offer the most competitive salary in the world, you should ensure there are plenty of benefits to working for your business. For example, this could include a benefits package, holiday and sick pay, alongside plenty of options for career progression. Keeping employees happy is also great for productivity as it will help you improve your employee retention rate, which means you won’t be spending hours each month seeking out new hires or providing them with all of the training they need. 

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