How to improve sales for your orthodontic practice

Today, there are various factors involved in running an orthodontic practice. You need to provide excellent care, develop leadership skills, and offer high-quality customer service. Besides these, you also need to manage the practice and team finances and even create scheduling protocols and policies. The good news is that it reduces all these challenges by implementing great systems and setting up the right priorities. Many of the things you need to improve your orthodontic practice are usually by acting. This article discusses how to improve sales for your orthodontic practice.

Re-define your observation program

You can increase sales for your orthodontic practice quickly by redefining the observation program. Many orthodontic practices tend to have loose observation programs where children may be placed into observation and just seen on certain cycles, such as when they make appointments. In most cases, they may not be regarded as patients of the orthodontic practice until the time they start. Some orthodontists do this because they are not paying, so they are not considered to be real patients. 

You can begin to redefine your observation program by looking at all patients as real patients regardless of whether or not they are paying. The goal is to see every person as a patient so that you can follow through with treatment timely.

Orthodontic practices that deal with patients who automatically accept treatment after the observation program should note that there is high new orthodontic competition out there. Unless an observation patient feels that they are part of your orthodontic practice, many can look for other options when you tell them that they are ready for treatment. 

You need to include observation of young patients and their parents in your orthodontic practice marketing, communication, and many other activities. You should also have a 6-month concept so that you do a full exam every 6 months and let the parent know when their next appointment is due. Even better, you let the treatment coordinator present their case. If there is anything that deviates from the basic recommendation, it can lead to fewer observation patients that you can convert into treating patients. Therefore, it’s a good idea for the treatment coordinator to follow the basic recommendations. To learn more about the sales process for an orthodontic practice, you can check out this Podcast for Orthodontic Practices here.

Increase your referral marketing program

Referring marketing can be a significant contributory factor that can enhance the success of your orthodontic practice. Remember that referral marketing is part of the marketing function. Your goal should be to increase the number of phone calls for new patients so that they can be attracted to your orthodontic practice. 

Many orthodontic practices tend to have a certain level of referral marketing. In most cases, the largest part is focused on the patients. But, it makes sense to have several marketing focus areas that you need to address. This includes referral doctors, patients, social media, parents, and the community. Most orthodontic practices usually fail to emphasize their marketing activities in certain categories of these focus areas. 

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