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How to Improve Email Conversion Rates?


Email marketing is still considered as the king in the realm of marketing strategies. It not only gives a classy and professional impression of your brand on the targeted customers and prospects but also keeps them engaged.

Emails, in fact, have the highest returns on investment (ROI) over other channels, if done in a proper way. This is why email users are increasing as we speak.

Finding it hard to believe?

Just check how many emails you receive every day. Or, take a look at some of the mind-boggling statistics of Statista. It shows the email users across the globe amounted to about 3.9 billion in 2019 and are expected to reach 4.48 billion in 2024.

However, not every brand is able to achieve a high or sustainable email conversion rate.


They lack a strong email marketing strategy due to which they fail to convince recipients from taking the desired action. So, what’s the point even if the email opens and doesn’t convert.

That’s why optimizing your email marketing efforts becomes imperative. For that, let’s understand what’s email conversion rate in the first place.

So, dive in!

What is Email Conversion Rate?

Email conversion rate (ECR) is referred to as the percentage of users who complete a desired action based on a conversion goal or become your customers.

I will also tell you how to calculate ECR directly which will clear things more.

ECR (%) = (Number of conversions / Number of total emails delivered) x 100

For example: If you have sent emails to 500 people, out of which 25 people made the purchase, your ECR would be 5%.

Are you thinking, what’s a good ECR?

In reality, it is hard to answer because no such range exists. However, the sweet spot varies anywhere from 2-5% but you must always try to improve your current conversion rate.

It’s because certain factors influence the email conversion rate such as:

  •     Email responsiveness, so anyone using any device can view your emails perfectly without any difficulty
  •     Personalization and segmentation based on users because the “one size fits for all” strategy is now obsolete.
  •     Open as well as click-through rates are somewhat higher for a non-profit organization and lower for fashion, apparel, and cosmetic industries.
  •     B2C companies tend to register more email conversion rate than B2B due to greater average check
  •     Email copywriting matters because the subject line, layout, writing flow, and CTA must be catchy and relevant

So, do you think your email conversion rate needs to improve?

How are you going to achieve it? 

Don’t worry; I’ll be discussing some email marketing tips in the next section which will help you improve the conversion rates.

Ways to improve the email conversion rate:

1- Provide a personalized experience

Personalization, I tell you, is the key in modern business. A recipient must perceive your emails as if it is directly coming from you and triggered just for them. It must be raw without any promotional imagery or email templates.

Send short and crisp emails with the customized subject line, quality content, sender name, demographics, behaviour, age, interests, etc. Spark curiosity, emotion, relevance, and propose value out of your emails and wherever possible try storytelling to connect more with readers.

2- Increase the number of opens and clicks

The number of opens and clicks greatly depends upon some factors. You must find out the correct time to send emails along with the frequency. It won’t produce good results if you are not consistent about sending emails and choose to do it irregularly, or once within 6 months or so.

Instead, show up with good content, enticing subject lines, relevant body, and clear call to actions. If possible, run A/B tests to check its efficacy for a better email conversion rate.

3- Improve your email deliverability

Even if you are doing everything correctly in sending the emails like good content, correct frequency and time, if it does not reach your targeted customers, everything is a waste of time.

So, where did things go wrong?

Maybe the problem is not in your email but in your sending strategy.

Maybe you have an outdated email list with inactive and invalid addresses.

For this, you must consider overhauling your email list to remove all those invalid and inactive email addresses.

Send emails to only valid addresses and check them for spam so that it reaches your targeted audience and the email conversion rate can improve significantly. 

4- Make the check out fast and easy to handle

Many people follow all the things to make their emails perfect, which is a good thing, but forget optimizing their check out page.

So, even though a user is convinced to buy your product and/or services, if you make things complicated during the checkout, they can bounce. For this, you must ensure the checkout page does not overwhelm the users.

It must contain things that customers can fill quickly and perform transactions. And in case they leave from there, never forget to follow up through emails. It increases the chances of them coming back to finish what they started.


Email is not dead yet even though a myriad of digital marketing methods are around. It is evergreen and is not going anytime sooner as far as stats are concerned. Hence, improve your email conversion rate by following the ways mentioned above and keep reaping benefits out of it.

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