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How to Host a Successful Outdoor Business Event

Outdoor business event

An outdoor business event can be the perfect opportunity to spread the word about your startup, recruit new talent, mingle within the industry or simply reward your colleagues and employees for a year of hard work. If you are considering hosting a business event, setting it up in an outdoor space can make it more fun and memorable and perhaps even more affordable than many indoor venues. Here are a few essential tips to help you arrange and host the ultimate outdoor business event.

Think About the Purpose of the Event

How you set up the outdoor business event will depend on what type of event you intend to host. For example, a fundraiser will have many different requirements than a staff party or recruitment drive. The purpose of your event will affect how much you should budget for it, which location and venue would be most suitable, whether or not to provide catering, and how long you want to host it for. Take note of the main aspects you can’t neglect if you want your event to be a success, such as information pamphlets, seating, decorations, or gift bags. Think about whether the event is open to a wide variety of people, is restricted to those within the company, or is highly exclusive to senior members.

Prepare for Unpredictable Weather

Outdoor events are enjoyable because they shift the mind from the stuffiness of the indoors and create a fresh atmosphere in which to converse or present information. This different perspective can serve to ignite interest in your business, encourage investments, or simply provide a relaxed environment for colleagues to mingle in. However, the outdoors can bring unpredictable weather. Heavy rain or high winds can disrupt your event if you fail to plan ahead. Even extreme sunshine can distract from your purpose. You can hire air conditioners to keep your marquee cool if the sun starts beating down so that your guests have somewhere shaded to shelter.

Provide Catering and Amenities

If you are inviting guests to your event rather than trying to attract potential new employees, it is worthwhile investing in quality catering so that your guests are well-fed and content. Toilet facilities are also important if you want everyone to feel comfortable. The type of catering will depend on the style of your event. For example, a sit-down meal might be appropriate for a formal fundraiser but a buffet or selection of snacks could be sufficient for a staff party.

Give the Event Structure

The timing of your event will be just as important as all the separate elements. Plan carefully when you would like people to arrive, what they will be doing, and how long you expect them to stay for. Do you want to provide entertainment or give an award? Will you need to make time for speeches or a disco? The structure of your business event will need to be both well thought through and flexible in order to be a success.

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