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[How-to Guide] Secure & Free Remote Access Software with File Transfer

Does Windows Remote Desktop Connection support file transfer?

Many users choose Windows Remote Desktop Connection to access a remote computer to access the content on the remote PC. However, many users may wonder if Remote Desktop Connection supports file transfer as they find that copy and paste/drag and drop can’t complete the task. 

Actually, it’s available to perform remote file transfer via Windows Remote Desktop Connection. Users can copy and paste files after enabling Clipboard before connecting to a remote computer, but drag and drop isn’t supported during the Windows Remote Desktop Connection session. 

A secure and fast remote access app with a file transfer feature [recommended]

If you can’t use RDP for file transfer or want to find out remote desktop software with a better experience, it’s highly recommended to use any viewer. Now, see why AnyViewer stands out. 

  • High computability: Covers all editions (Home or Standard included) of Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 and Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012 R2.

Drag-and-drop: AnyViewer supports you to drag and drop files from a local device to a remote PC. 

  • File transfer with/without remote access computer: AnyViewer allows you to transfer files in a remote session or only transfer files without controlling the remote PC.

Ultra-simple operation: You don’t need to make extra complicated setups even when connecting to a computer from a different network, such as accessing a home computer from the office. 

  • ECC end-to-end encryption: AnyViewer adopts a stronger and more powerful encryption algorithm to protect the data in a remote session.
  • One-click remote control: AnyViewer offers a one-click remote control feature, which enables you to control your own computer and transfer files without any effort.
  • Remote control request: You can choose to get remote access/ file transfer via sending a request to offer remote computer oscitance. 
  • Chat in session: In a remote session over AnyViewer, you can chat with your partner easily and conveniently. 

Steps to transfer files in a remote session with AnyViewer

Now, let’s walk through how to use the easy and secure remote access software to perform the remote file transfer. 

Step 1. Download AnyViewer on all related devices. Then, install and run the remote access software. 

Step 2. Create an AnyViewer account for free and log into the same account on all devices.

Step 5. Immediately, you can see the desktop of the remote computer. On the controller toolbar, click Files and you’ll be in the File Transfer window.

Step 6. Choose the files that you want to transfer and click the blue triangle button to start the file transfer. 

When you don’t want to log into the same account on the two computers, you can use the security code and device ID to access a remote PC and start the file transfer. Here are the detailed steps. 

Step 1. Download, install and run the tool.

Step 2. Create an AnyViewer account and log into it on the computer that you start a remote session.

Step 3. Go to Connect, input the device ID of the remote PC, choose Remote control and click Connect button.

Note: To start remote file transfer only, choose File Transfer and click Connect.

Step 4. Choose the second option, input the temporary security code of the remote PC and click OK.

Step 5. On the controller toolbar, click Files and transfer files. 


  • It’s available to transfer files from the remote computer to the local PC or from the local PC to the remote computer. 
  • It’s available to transfer multiple files at one time but the files should be put in one folder. 
  • To transfer files over the internet between remote computers, it’s recommended to upgrade to Professional or Enterprise for a higher transfer speed and large file transfer.
  • It’s also available to connect to a PC from an Android or iOS device. However, file transfer isn’t supported between Android devices and Windows PC/iOS devices and Windows PC. 


Whether you want to control another computer remotely and transfer files or only transfer files between remote computers, the free remote desktop software with a file transfer feature, AnyViewer can be your great choice. Don’t hesitate and just try it.

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