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How to Grow Spotify Followers – Important Things You Must Know

Spotify has garnered popularity among the public as a music streaming platform. It has a vast library that contains music and podcasts from all over the world. It is legal and easy to use, and you can buy Spotify streams and reach people with your music. Here’s everything you should know about the Spotify platform before buying streams. 

About the podcasts and music

  • It contains millions of songs of every genre, and you get recommendations based on your listening history or the type of genre you prefer.
  • Podcasts are common on this platform, and you can listen to true crime, the latest technology discussions, or some other topics as it has something for everyone. 

About free Spotify

This Spotify version comes with ads and gives you access to unlimited music and podcasts around the world. The only drawback of this free version is that ad interrupt your listening, and you can’t skip every song. The audio quality of this version is lower than the premium one at 160 kb/s. If you don’t have any issues with the ads and the low music quality, you can enjoy this version. 

What is Spotify Premium?

There are many reasons why people switch to premium aside from ad-free music.

  • There are no ads between the music and the banner of the website or app.
  • The audio quality is 320 kb/s which is a lot better than the free version.
  • You can download the songs and listen to them offline as long as you have a premium subscription.
  • You can skip through the songs as much as you want as opposed to the free version in which you only get six skips in an hour. You don’t have to force yourself to listen to the songs you don’t like anymore and skip as much as you want.

How to use Spotify if you are a first-time user?

  • You need to download the app or open the website, and the sign-in option will come up where you have to enter your email address, and password and select a username. You also need to add your birthday and gender to fill in all the information. You can click on the sign-in button, and your Spotify account is created.
  • You can choose your subscription now, and the new users get three months free of premium, so you can use that for the meantime at least. You get a lot of benefits from the premium version, so you should give it a try. 
  • For a better experience, you should download the Spotify app on your phone or laptop. After the installation, you can listen to the songs carefree on your device and sync them through different playlists. It works just like any other music app and gives you the option to listen to songs from any corner of the world. 

Artist who wishes to publish their songs on Spotify can purchase Spotify streams and reach their goal so that people can listen to their music. If you are one of those artists, you can also get the desired streams. 


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