How to Get Your Money Back from a Scam

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The popularity of crypto and its active use in financial transactions have made it a profitable asset for investing and trading. However, the number of scammers who seek to make money through fraudulent schemes has also increased. Sometimes, they are so sophisticated that even the most experienced investors can fall victim to a scam. However, this situation is not hopeless and does not indicate that your money is lost forever. Professionals know crypto recovery mechanisms that will help you get back your lost assets. Find out what you need to do if you encounter scammers and how to get professional help for returning your money.

Main Types of Cryptocurrency Scams You May Encounter

Fraudsters operating in the financial sector are very creative. They are constantly working to find new schemes for getting money. But for every idea they have, there are always professionals who know how to uncover such schemes and counter them. If you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, Crypto Recovery Expert will investigate your case and find a way to return the stolen funds. If you are just thinking about trading or investing in crypto, it will be extremely useful to learn about the most popular fraudulent schemes that you may encounter.

Ponzi Scheme

This type of fraud is very old and common in the financial industry. The digital environment has simply become a new territory that it has expanded into due to the popularity of crypto. Its essence lies in the mechanism through which the top investors of the financial pyramid increase their income at the expense of new investors. Those at the top of this crypto pyramid can become fabulously rich. But those who end up at the bottom lose all their invested funds.


Phishing has many varieties, but its essence remains the same — to steal the sensitive financial information of a user, which will allow scammers to withdraw money from their crypto wallet. This is done either through gaining the trust of crypto users and fishing out their passwords and crypto wallet data or through malicious software.

Pump and Dump

The excitement around new token projects makes it possible to attract significant funds to further strengthen a specific cryptocurrency project. But while honest developers use this money as a good start for further project improvement, scammers simply take the money for themselves, leaving investors with nothing. They artificially create hype around a fake token and drive up quotes, as a result of which they attract significant funds through fraudulent means.

Hacker Attacks

If you are trading on a cryptocurrency exchange with weak cyber security, there is a possibility of losing funds through hacker attacks. Fraudsters hack either individual wallets or an entire crypto exchange and withdraw all funds.

There are many other ways scammers try to get their hands on crypto, either by deceiving users or using high-tech software tools. However, the best crypto recovery services will select an optimal solution for returning funds in each specific case.

What to Do if You Become a Victim of Fraud

To get back your crypto lost as a result of a scam, you need to have professional knowledge. Without this, it is difficult to do anything, because scammers cannot simply be persuaded to return this money to you. The Crypto Scam Recovery procedure is multi-stage and requires the interaction of a wide variety of specialists. Crypto Recovery Expert has brought together many professionals to protect crypto users from scammers:

  • Crypto block-pool analysts
  • Cyber security agents
  • Investigators
  • International attorneys, etc.

In fighting financial fraud, the company works in close cooperation with security agencies of various countries and financial ombudsmen. Each case is thoroughly investigated to receive an effective expert solution.

Stages of Crypto Scam Recovery

To return users’ crypto lost due to fraudulent activities, specialists need to collect as much information as possible and conduct an investigation. Therefore, the entire crypto recovery procedure will consist of 3 stages:

  • Collecting detailed information regarding fraud and all possible documentation related to this case;
  • Thorough investigation and assessment of crypto recovery prospects;
  • Developing and deploying a strategy to return crypto to its owner.

Meeting scammers and suffering losses from their fraudulent schemes should not be an obstacle to trading or investing in crypto. This situation can happen to anyone. Therefore, it is important to know how to recover your money from a scam. With this knowledge, you can confidently continue your crypto transactions. Everything lost will return to you thanks to the coordinated work of high professionals who thoroughly know the mechanisms of crypto scam recovery.

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