How To Get Warzone 2 Bot Lobbie

Warzone 2

With the new release of Call of Duty®: Warzone 2.0, Many people are searching for the best way to get “bot lobbies” or “easy lobbies” due to the game having skill based match making activated.

What is skill based matchmaking (sbmm)?

Skill-based matchmaking refers to how a game such as warzone 2.0 decides which players to put into your lobby. When you search for a match in this game, it uses a complex secret algorithm to find other players of the same skill level and fill up your lobby with players – this is called skill based matchmaking.

Why do players want bot lobbies in warzone 2.0?

Many players find that this system of matchmaking actually makes their game less fun and as such many players prefer that such a system didn’t exist in warzone 2.0. Getting put into lobbies of players of an equal skill level can be very draining, stressful and as such many players look for software and methods to help then avoid playing in skill based matchmaking lobbies.

How can i get bot lobbies in warzone 2.0?

The two most popular ways to get bot lobbies in warzone 2.0 are by using a sbmmoff vpn or by reverse boosting and throwing games. Using a vpn such as sbmmoff vpn is a cheap and easy way to get into easier bot lobbies. The other less popular and effective way is to reverse boost ( to reverse boost you should join five warzone 2.0 games and kill yourself with zero kills each time ). Reverse boosting harms your KD level in the game and is time consuming.

Am i allowed to use a vpn to play warzone 2.0?

Yes, it is not against the cheating and abuse policy of activision and you are allowed to use a vpn such as sbmmoff vpn to get into easier lobbies or bot lobbies.

How does a vpn help me get into bot lobbies in warzone 2.0?

Vpn’s such as sbmmoff vpn work totally different to a normal vpn which you use for browsing the internet, normal vpns will not help you get into bot lobbies. The sbmmoff vpn only sends the matchmaking part of your games data over the vpn tunnel. This confuses the game into thinking you are from a far away country and some what bypasses the skill based matchmaking. Also it is worth adding that special warzone vpns such as sbmmoff vpn will not increase your ping and your ping will remain low no matter what country you connect to on the vpn. This is also another reason why nobody uses normal vpns to play warzone. Everyone uses a sbmmoff vpn instead as it gives great latency and bot lobbies.

Do top streamers and content creators use vpns?

Yes, many of the top streamers and content creators use sbmmoff vpn, they are also sponsored by vpn companies.


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