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How To Get Rid Of Silverfish By Using A Pest Control Service

Who doesn’t wish for cleaner, healthier, and pest-free premises? But sometimes, due to some out-of-control pest infestations, the cleanliness and health of the environment take a back seat. One such infestation is of silverfish. 

Silverfish are bad for your premises and are destructive. They are attracted to the moist, dark corners of your home and stay there till you force them out with the help of professional Silverfish Control Adelaide experts.  

Professionals also advise being quick with pest control, as the more you delay it, the more vulnerable your property will be to new and severe pest infestations. 

Silverfish need to be controlled professionally. What is required to remove silverfish, and why do they come to your property first? Let us discuss this. 

Why Do Silverfish Come Or Get Attracted? 

Silverfish are nocturnal and damage the property behind our backs. You may come across stained wallpapers, destroyed artifacts, and contaminated food by silverfish. The Silverfish Control Services Adelaide expert points out some factors that may be advantageous for silverfish to come and stay on your property. 

Some of them are: 

  • Food And Edible Items 

Silverfish are attracted to starchy food. They love to binge on paper, flour, and poultry starch to survive. Where they get food, they stay and lay eggs. 

  • Moist Conditions 

Moist and dark corners of your premises are a hub of pests. Silverfish is an insect that loves to stay in damp places to lay eggs and survive. If you look closely, your cabinets and cupboards may have silverfish peacefully lying. 

  • Unclean Premises 

Uncleaned premises are pest-full. In an unclean environment, the pests find food and hideout spots. Also, litter all around means more food and easy access to it. Such pests like silverfish feast on it conveniently. 

  • Cluttered Surroundings 

Cluttered places are a mess. They attract dirt and dust and also some unusual pests. Silverfish are around the things and belongings in these untidy places, especially storage areas. They are behind paintings, a stack of newspapers, old trunks, etc. 

  • Shelter And Breeding Place 

Silverfish, like other pests, search for places to breed and lay eggs. If your premises have such spots, you are likely to have a silverfish infestation. 

Let us see how you can get rid of it effectively with the help of professional pest services. 

Ways To Remove Silverfish Infestation 

Professional Silverfish Control Adelaide experts remind you to stay pest-free and advise you to follow some ways to do so. Many methods can help you keep silverfish at bay and keep your premises in better condition. Let’s see what those ways are and how to do so. 

  • Using Boric Acid 

Boric acid powder helps clean the place from the silverfish infestation and their eggs. You must sprinkle the power all over the place and let it soak all the pests and eggs. After a few hours, vacuum the residual or mop it with a dry cloth to clear the space. It is an effective way for pest controllers to adopt better and safer results. 

  • Declutter The Space 

Declutter and tidy up the place. Cluttered surroundings are heaven for pests like silverfish. They are darkness-loving creatures, and messy sites give them the ambiance they seek. Organize the storage areas and the less visited space in your house to prevent silverfish from crawling in there. 

  • Use Dehumidifiers 

Dehumidifiers make the place devoid of humidity, a catalyst for silverfish infestation. Silverfish love dark, moist areas, and dehumidifiers make the site less humid, so it helps in getting rid of the pest effectively, just like professional pest controllers do. 

  • Use Essential Oils 

Essential oils like lemon, lavender, and peppermint work best on pest infestations. Professionals rely on these oils when they want to go organic with their pest control approach. Using essential oils with water and spraying the area helps the place stay pest free. Silverfish hate the lemony smell and deter from going near such spots. Use the essential oil spray and get rid of them. 

  • Vacuuming The Closed Cabinets 

Regularly vacuum the dry corners with a shop vac to ensure high-powered cleaning. The pest control service expert uses vacuums to help your place be silverfish free and give a cleaner space to you to live. After a few hours of using solvents, you can clear them with a vacuum cleaner. 

  • Using Sticky Traps 

Sticky traps are effective in catching silverfish and restrict their movement. They get stuck on the sheets, and removing and disposing of the sticky sheet is easy. These work fine and keep your premises free from silverfish and their eggs. Place these sheets in all the cabinets and cupboards you think are infested with silverfish. Use them as a barrier to restrict silverfish movement. 

  • Use Pesticides 

Many pesticides have liquid Pyrethrin that helps in getting rid of pests. Use pesticides to have better control in removing silverfish. Pesticides make them stay away from the premises and kill them to free the spot from their infestation. 

  • Using Cedar Oil Or Cedarwood Oil 

Using logs and sticks of cedarwood is an effective way to get rid of silverfish. You can also use cedar oil to spray in areas with silverfish infestations, severely damaging the site. You can use the oil and keep the silverfish away. You must repeatedly spray as the scent may fade after a few days. Professionals advise using them for best results. 

The Silverfish Control Services Adelaide experts have the necessary experience and knowledge to take care of silverfish infestation. They have the tools and devices to remove the infestation with eco-friendly solutions. As they know, they understand the property’s needs and serve well accordingly. 

Calling professionals like Pestico Pest Control Adelaide services to ensure your pest problems, including- silverfish, moths, rodents, spiders, ants, cockroaches, and so on, get an effective solution. Experts have the tools to help your premises stay clean and clear of pests. 

Hiring a professional does help in the long run. So hire one now for a better and pest-free environment on your property. 

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