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How to Get Quick Business Funds to Grow Your Business

How to Get Quick Business Funds to Grow Your Business

Are you struggling to access the funds you need to grow your business, despite having a solid business plan and healthy annual revenue? Whether it’s bank loans or lines of credit, traditional funding sources can be time-consuming and challenging to obtain. Not only that, but it can also leave you feeling stuck and frustrated. What if we told you that there is a way to get quick business funds to help your business grow, without the hassle of traditional funding methods?

In this article, we’ll show you how Eze Capital’s instant business funding can provide the capital funding you need in as little as 24 hours, giving you the flexibility to invest in your business and achieve your goals. With Eze Capital, you can say goodbye to lengthy applications and endless paperwork, and hello to a simple and streamlined funding process that puts your business first. So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, keep reading to find out more about Eze Capital.

What is instant business funding?

Before we dive into the details of Eze Capital, let’s first understand what exactly is instant business funding. As an entrepreneur, you’re probably no stranger to the challenges of securing funding to grow your business. Traditional bank loans can be difficult to obtain, especially for businesses without a long credit history or significant collateral. That’s where instant business funding comes in.

Instant business funding, also known as fast business loans, is a form of financing that allows businesses to access the funds they need quickly and easily. Unlike traditional bank loans that can take weeks or even months to process, instant business funding can be obtained in a matter of days (or in the case of Eze Capital, as fast as 24 hours).

This is especially valuable for businesses that need to act quickly to take advantage of growth opportunities or cover unexpected expenses. Traditional loans often require extensive paperwork and a long approval process. On the other hand, instant business funding is designed to be much simpler and faster! Many instant business funding providers, like Eze Capital, offer a streamlined application process that can be completed online in just a few minutes. Additionally, instant business funding typically requires little or no collateral, making it more accessible for small businesses without significant assets to pledge.

By offering quick access to funds, flexible terms, and simplified application processes, instant business funding has become a popular choice for businesses looking to grow quickly and successfully. In the next few sections, we’ll take a closer look at how Eze Capital’s instant business funding works and the benefits it can offer your business.

What is Eze Capital?

So then, how exactly does Eze Capital work, and how do they stand out from other instant business funding options? At its core, Eze is a world-leading B2B electronic wholesale marketplace. They have partnered with Lendflow to integrate an all-inclusive solution for lending to Eze– Eze Capital.

Unlike other business instant funding options, Eze Capital not only offers many types of funding options – you can even compare numerous small business loan options at once. Best of all? You can get your business funds in as quick as 24 hours with Eze Capital! Simply put, with Eze Capital, you can effectively attain a flexible loan with the most favorable terms for the situation unique to your business.

Eligibility criteria

Whether you own a small home-based business or a large cooperation, your business can benefit from Eze Capital as long as you hit these 3 minimum criteria.

  1.  $10k monthly revenue
  2.  6 months in business
  3.  550 credit score

Types of funding options

As mentioned previously, Eze Capital provides a variety of funding options. There are over 100 funders working with Eze Capital, so you can get the loan with the most favorable terms for your current business needs.

With that said, there are 4 main types of financing options that Eze Capital offers – term loan, line of credit, receivable advance, and other financing options. While they may sound similar, they each provide differing funding capital benefits and duration as well.

Here’s a breakdown of these 2 main components in each type of financing option.

  • Term Loan

o   Funding capital: up to $10,000,000

o   Loan duration: 6 to 36 months

  • Receivable Advance

o   Funding capital: up to $750,000

o   Loan duration: 3 to 12 months

  • Line of Credit

o   Funding capital: up to $10,000,000

o   Loan duration: revolving terms

  • Other Financing Options

o   Funding capital: amounts will vary

o   Loan duration: 3 to 26 months

How does Eze Capital work?

So: you hit the minimum eligibility criteria and are interested in working with Eze Capital, what’s next then? Not to worry, it’s extremely simple and efficient with Eze Capital! It’s a quick 4-step procedure and you can attain your capital in as fast as 24 hours. Here’s how you can attain your required business funding loans with Eze Capital.

  1. Application:  Firstly, fill up Eze Capital’s application form to get started. The application process is simplified and streamlined for you, so it should only take a quick 15 minutes or less to finish it.
  2. Picking your funding options: Next, it’s time to pick your business funding options. As mentioned, there are over 100 funders available through Eze Capital. And while having many choices is great, it can get overwhelming or confusing to pick the best one. Not to worry, with Eze Capital, you’ll have a dedicated funding advisor by your side. Working with you, they will review, discuss, and find the best loan option that fits your unique business needs
  3. Funding agreement: Upon finding the best loan option, it’s time to go through with the funding agreement. Unlike traditional bank loans or instant business funding options that require you to go to a physical store to sign the agreement, you can simply execute your funding agreement via online checkout with Eze Capital.
  4. Grow your capital: Saving the best for the last, it’s time to attain your business funding. Once your funding agreement has been approved, you will attain your business loan. Eze Capital ensures that you can attain your capital as quickly as 24 hours. This is definitely a game-changer, especially for those businesses that require quick access to additional funds.

Growing your business with Eze Capital

Eze Capital’s instant business funding options don’t just offer access to funds quickly, it opens up a world of possibilities for businesses seeking growth. Think about it – with more external capital at your fingertips, the sky’s the limit!

Need to upgrade your equipment, buy more supplies, or scale operations to increase profits? With Eze Capital’s flexible funding options, you can access the capital you need to make it happen. You can even consider renovating your current space or opening up a brand-new location. Imagine the possibilities of expanding your reach and gaining a competitive edge in your industry!

That’s not all – Eze Capital’s efficient and flexible funding options allow you to hire new employees and invest in training programs to expand their skill sets. This can help you increase your capacity, enhance your services, and stay ahead of the curve. With Eze Capital’s instant business funding, you have the financial stability you need to achieve your growth goals and take your business to the next level.

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