How to get Pregnant in The Sims 4

Who can get pregnant in The Sims 4?

By default, pregnancy is mostly experienced by adult young and adult sims who participated in baby test interaction with young adult/adult/older males. However, there are some exceptions.

gender adjustment

The Sims 4 introduced the franchise’s first custom genre setting. The customization options are available on the Gender Selection tab in Create-A-Sim and fall into several categories, including pregnancy options. 

This marked the first time the Sims could create non-gendered characters, as the player is free to mix and match the options regardless of the gender the game detects for the character. Or Also Use a Cheats Code For getting Pregnant In The Sims 4 From Here Kody do the sims 4

This customization allows the player to choose whether a Sim can “get pregnant”, “get other people pregnant”, or “neither”. By default, female Sims can “get pregnant” and male Sims can “get other people pregnant”.

Custom gender settings are first available when a Sim is in their teens and is editable for teens, young adults, adults, and the elderly.

However, since adolescent girls cannot access the “Test Baby” interaction, their pregnancy options are passive until they reach adulthood. In practice, elderly people cannot become pregnant even if they can “get pregnant”.

How to get pregnant and try to have a baby in The Sims 4

When you start pregnancy in The Sims 4, you want to participate, rather than exclude yourself. Normal WooHoo will never result in pregnancy, and Sims that want to start a family this way should use the Try on a Baby option instead.

Right next to «WooHoo» in the interaction menu (either on the target simulator or on the WooHoo-enabled location), «trying a baby» is also in the same place in a relationship: when the partner in question has about 40%-50% on the gauge for romantic relationships and/or in a formal relationship (dating/engaged/married).

Even under these conditions, “trying a baby” is only available if one couple can “get pregnant” and the other can “other people get pregnant.”

The player can change this via custom gender settings (see above). There he can also disable a Sim’s ability, “Test Baby” by selecting “None”.

Each of the potential parents can start “Try for Baby”. The interaction itself works just like regular WooHoo. It’s only when the fireworks are over that things get a little different.

Note: Sims with the Hate Children trait can still Try on Baby, but will receive the Conceiving Stress buff (+1 time).

Another note: Households in The Sims 4 are limited to eight members. So if eight people already live in your Sim’s house, no one can do a baby test until someone moves in (or dies) to make room for a newcomer.

If their parents-to-be are separated, only the pregnant Sim needs to worry about the size of their existing household, since the babies will join the birth parents’ household once they are born (even if they play with the non-biological parent than your active Sim).

The Sims 4 Pregnancy Chances Explained

The baseline probability of pregnancy from an interaction involving trying to have a baby is 80%.

In other words, your Sims will most likely successfully conceive on the first try, and two tries should guarantee it.

Even on the off chance that you’re unlucky with the random number generator the first few times, you don’t need to worry: bar a few short-lived mood swings, nothing can bring your Sims’ fertility below that 80% minimum, so you just have to keep doing it to attempt.

However, if you’re looking for guaranteed instant results, check out the twins and triplets sections below for more tips.

Using any of these methods to increase the chances of having twins or triplets increases the chances of success in trying a baby to 100% or even more. This means that the conception of at least one baby is guaranteed.

Extreme success will come from a child who is immediately added to the family. Meanwhile, moderate success sets the flirty mood of trying a baby. Using the “Try a Baby” interaction while this mood is active guarantees pregnancy.For polish Reader Can Visit Their kod na przyspieszenie ciąży the sims 4

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