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How to get most out of your Mailer Boxes?

Packaging is a crucial aspect of turning a product into a successful brand. Poorly designed packaging can lead to disastrous consequences. First impressions matter greatly in the modern world, and customer engagement extends beyond your website. This is where custom-designed mailer boxes are an efficient way to transport your products. Mailer boxes are an excellent packaging option for larger products or even for packing multiple small products such as subscription boxes.

The primary purpose of mailer boxes is to deliver products to customers safely and securely. However, they can also serve as an effective marketing tool for the brand even before the customer sees the products inside. Recently, mailer boxes have gained popularity, and this blog post aims to provide you with some background knowledge and ideas on how to best use them for your packaging and deliveries.

What Are Mailer Boxes?

A mailer box is a type of packaging solution made from paper board that is highly convenient and foldable. What sets it apart from normal shipping boxes is that it does not require the use of tape. Instead, you can easily assemble it by folding it into place. The double-sided walls of mailer boxes make them highly durable, ensuring that your items are well-protected during shipping. Mailer boxes are a more affordable and smaller packaging option that can be customized to fit your specific size requirements and brand color scheme.

You can choose from various sizes, colors, and materials to create a personalized packaging solution that aligns with your business needs. These boxes have endless uses, but they are often used for promotional kits, gift and holiday shipping, school supplies, and various types of e-commerce. The rise of remote work and online shopping has made individualized marketing and small packaging solutions more important than ever. As a result, mailer boxes have become increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes.

If you’re a business looking to get the most out of mailer boxes, consider customizing them with your brand’s logo and colors to create a cohesive and memorable unboxing experience for your customers. You can also use them to promote your products or services by including promotional materials or product samples in the box. Ultimately, mailer boxes offer a versatile and cost-effective packaging solution that can help elevate your brand and improve the customer experience.

Mention Your Brand on The Outside of The Mailer Box.

Mailer boxes are an effective way to promote your brand through advertising. These boxes are mini-billboards that display your brand name and logo on the top, sides, and bottom. This gives your customers a chance to interact more with your company than with any other product. These boxes can remain on shelves, desks, or in an office environment after your customer has received your product or promotional gift. This way, they will see your brand multiple times, which will help to create brand loyalty over time.

Mention Your Brand on The Inside of The Mailer Box.

When you use mailer boxes to ship your products, it’s not just the outside that can carry your brand. The inside of the lid is also a great place to showcase your company and products. You can add a minimalist logo or share information about your latest products. Use all available space to inform your customer.

Kraft Paper

If you’re looking for ways to showcase your company’s values, consider opting for mailer boxes that offer more than just packaging. These boxes are eco-friendly because they are made without using plastic, adhesive tape, or any other packaging materials that can harm the environment. To take this commitment to sustainability a step further, you can choose Kraft Brown Corrugated Paper, a 100% recycled paper that offers your customers a visible and tangible recycled paper experience, demonstrating your respect for the environment.

The earthy tones and texture of the paperboard will create a sense of eco-friendliness around your mailer box. As your customers unpack the box, they will appreciate your company’s commitment to the planet. Choosing Kraft material for your mailer box can significantly impact your customer’s perception of your brand. If you love Kraft paper, there are many other products made from this eco-friendly material that you can explore. You can also pair Kraft paper with white ink, creating a light and appealing look.

Personalized Messages

Providing a personalized experience to customers has become a challenging task in today’s global economy. However, it’s no secret that customers appreciate and feel happier when they are remembered and valued as individuals. One way to achieve this is by using mailer boxes to reach out and impress upon the customer that your business remembers them personally. Customizing your messages on the mailer box is an effective way to please your customers.

It enables you to send out custom mailer boxes with personalized messages to each customer, which would show that you care for your customer base and are willing to meet their individual needs. This approach can be implemented once a year or on special occasions, such as holidays. By doing so, you can create a positive brand image and strengthen customer loyalty.

Custom Printed Stickers

If you want to make your mailer boxes stand out, you may want to consider using sticker labels. Stickers can be used to seal the box, placed on the top surface of your box, or even on the inside flap. Not only do they add an appealing look to your box, but they can also remind customers about your brand, provide instructions for the product inside, or list the contents. The uses of such stickers are endless.

What’s even better is that we can provide you with top-quality stickers. Our sticker collection delivers exceptional quality and ingenuity. For fancier mailer boxes, we recommend foil stickers or embossed stickers, white ink stickers, circle stickers, or oval stickers. Try die-cut stickers if you’re looking for a more casual or quirky look. Whatever your preference, there’s a sticker option that can elevate your mailer boxes and help you stand out in the crowd.


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